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Kate and Gustav Kadelburger

  • Kate Wacs

My brother Gustav was one of the messengers of Raoul Wallenberg Resque operation. His name is listed on the first page of the employes of the team of Raoul Wallenberg. In 1944 my brother was 15 years of age.

by Kate Wacz (born Kadelburger)

We survied thanks to his assigment as family member of the Swedish Legation. We were in the building Jokai street nr. 1. which was raided in the night of the 7th of January, 1945. Children with mothers was thrown next day from the arrow cross headquarter to the general getto. All others were killed. We are thanking Raoul Wallenberg who most probably negotiated with the arrow cross to let the children with mothers to survive from to betaken to the shore of the Danube.
In Jenö Lévai book there is a whole chapter of the horrors of the Jokai Street building.

Kadelburger Kati and my brother Kadelburger Gustav, 1942.

The Kadelburger family 1928 celebrating New Years Eve and the Birthday of our father Lajos. Sitting from the left the Kadelburger Grandmother Giza, on the right Lucy´s mother our Breitner Regina Grandmother. Sitting in betweeen in white dress the young unmarried Klári the sister of Lucy. Behind directly Giza Grandmother Jolan Szalkai, the sister of Lajos. Next to Jolan is our Father Lajos, his hand next to Giza grandmother. On his other side Alice Racz the other sister of Lajos. Behind Resko (Regina) Grandmother Szalkai Jolan husband Lajos Szalkai, next to Alice Rácz, husband Arthur Rácz.

On the right corner Lucy our Mother most (warscheinlich) probably expecting Guszti my brother.Our Mother putting her hand on her Mother shoulder. From the far left, Ernö Kadelburger the youngest brother of my Father with his wife Klári Kadelburger, next to the young men who is the son of Alice, Rácz Bandi. This picture is shown at the current Raoul Wallenberg Exhebit, in large size, in a vitrine, together with with family pictures of our family in small, and table cloths and among others with the serviettes of my Great Grandmother, with embroided handmade signature. Further the stamp of our grandfather Mihály Kadelburger and the sigyll of our Great Great Grandfather David Kadelburg.
The Stockholm Jewish Museum wanted to show a Jewish Family, in connection with the Raoul Wallenberg exhebit and many of the Kadelburger and Breitner families did not return after the war.

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