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Raoul Wallenberg’s Secret German Contacts

    Raoul Wallenberg’s previously unknown contact with the Hamburg merchant  Ludolph Christensen who enjoyed the protection of SS General Karl Wolff, Heinrich Himmler’s right hand man, sheds new light on the origins of Wallenberg’s humanitarian mission to Hungary in 1944. Their association  throughout the war  highlights the complex nature of wartime business affairs and may provide additional avenues for clarifying Wallenberg’s disappearance in the Soviet Union in 1945. Russian officials have apparently known about these contacts for many years but have never released any of the relevant documentation.  It is now clear that on at least one occasion Wallenberg’s firm  engaged in the transfer of  certain technical materials, including tools used in the manufacturing of planes for the German Air Force.

    Fig.1  Photo showing Ludolph Christensen  in the 1940s.  Source: The Christensen Family Archive

    Fig.1 Photo showing Ludolph Christensen in the 1940s. Source: The Christensen Family Archive

    In one of his first official reports “concerning aid to Hungarian Jews” from July 29, 1944,  Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg alludes to an unspecified, highly placed person who has come to Budapest to aid him in his task:

     “An individual  who came highly recommended has joined me to help probe the highest German circles for future developments.” 

    Just ten days  earlier, Wallenberg’s friend and business partner, Kálmán (Koloman) Lauer, had informed him:

    ” Our friend Ludo travels to Budapest tomorrow and he will assist you in every way.  … Ludo has a [letter of] recommendation to a German military authority. He is certainly an absolutely honest hanseatic merchant who will not say anything that is not true. But you must not put him in any danger. You should instead wait until he himself makes a proposal.” 

    The mysterious man was a successful trader in foodstuffs from Hamburg named Ludolph Christensen.   His father, Ludolph Sr., was a Danish businessman  who had settled in Hamburg, specializing in the importation of various raw materials used in the food industry, including spices and herbs.

    Ludolph Julius Christensen (1903-1983) had married the daughter of another successful merchant, Johannes Nootbaar, and  eventually became director of his father-in-law’s firm, J. Nootbaar, Jr.   In the early 20s, Christensen traveled to China where he learned about the various processes for drying vegetables and conserving meat, as well as a new technology for powdering eggs.

    Christensen later became something of a pioneer in introducing and developing these technologies in Europe. He was also a recognized expert in the so-called transit trade.  It was one of the preferred ways of bringing together the buyers and sellers of different countries during wartime, when the flow of goods was seriously impeded and currencies were not freely convertible.   By all accounts, Christensen enjoyed a reputation as a  gifted and thoroughly reliable businessman.

    During the late 1920s, he made  the acquaintance of Kálmán Lauer, a Hungarian lawyer and businessman,  who   worked in Hamburg for a time. Both men shared an interest in developing trade  relations with  the Far East (where Lauer had lived and worked for three years) and the two had remained in close contact ever since.  When Lauer, who was Jewish, emigrated to Sweden in 1941 and  joined  the import-export company Mellaneuropeiska  AB  (The Central-European Trading Company), the Christensen firm quickly became a corner stone of its client network.  Lauer  administered the affairs of Mellaneuropeiska  together with Raoul Wallenberg who wished to learn the intricacies of international commerce and who  – as a citizen of neutral country – retained the ability to travel throughout Nazi- occupied Europe.

    It is well known that Mellaneuropeiska  managed to import sizable quantities of foodstuffs to  Sweden during the war, including  large supplies of  poultry, fresh and dried eggs and  other hard to obtain specialty items,  like cigarettes and fruit, mostly from Hungary.  In his application for Swedish citizenship in 1944, Lauer put the value of these imports at about 10,000,000 SEK in just three years –  worth approximately $25,000,000 today.

    Few people are aware however, that almost all of these transactions involved the Christensen firm , since the goods  required transfer through German territory and subsequent shipment via the Hamburg harbor.  In a letter addressed to Swedish authorities, Raoul Wallenberg estimated that  in 1943 alone his firm’s volume of trade  with Nootbaar amounted to about  2,000,000 SEK ($5,000,000  today). The main beneficiaries of these goods were the Swedish public as well as the Swedish Army.

    Together Mellaneuropeiska and Nootbaar also  handled the transfer  of sizable charitable donations, such as U.S. and British aid packages – through the International Red Cross  – to various aid organizations in Belgium and later, to the Bergen Belsen concentration camp in northern Germany.  Ludolph Christensen personally oversaw the latter delivery and  apparently managed the distribution only after many contentious meetings with the camp commander.  Another example is  Mellaneuropeiska’s  successful arrangement of  a large shipment of  children’s clothing from Hungary to France in 1942.

    Fig.2 ASEA's export declaration from late 1942 for high speed drilling equipment to Hungary. Source: File for Mellaneuropeiska at Valutakontoret. Riksarkivet, Stockholm)

    Fig.2 ASEA’s export declaration from late 1942 for high speed drilling equipment to Hungary. Source: File for Mellaneuropeiska at Valutakontoret. Riksarkivet, Stockholm)

    Interestingly, Mellaneuropeiska, in its role as an export agent, repeatedly dealt with the Hamburg authorities in the transfer or goods other than foodstuffs. In January 1943, Wallenberg and Lauer received permission for the delivery of high-speed drilling equipment (worth then about 22,000 SEK,  approximately $55,000 today) from the Swedish electrical concern ASEA  – which operated in the Wallenberg business sphere –  to  Hungary, specifically to the Manfred Weiss Flugzeug  und  Motorenfabrik A.G. (Duna Aircraft Manufacturing plant). The Duna plant at that time produced planes for the German Luftwaffe.



    At the outbreak of the war, the German Reichsbank put hard currency reserves at the disposal of those companies that had traditionally engaged in transit transactions with Europe and America. This allowed Germany to continue to  procure  important goods, especially from the United States, while earning valuable foreign exchange (through so-called  “Dreiecksgeschäfte”, a form of triangular barter or compensation trade).

    Nootbaar was one of these firms that managed to stay in business, on a smaller scale. Even though Christensen himself  had no sympathies for the Nazis,   his firm was considered “essential” for the affairs of the  Third Reich.  It fulfilled a vital role in the supply of critical raw materials and foodstuffs – such as powdered eggs (used for baked goods as well as  the manufacturing of margarine) –  to feed  Germany’s population and to supply the German Wehrmacht.

    Fig. 3  SS General Karl Wolff

    Fig. 3 SS General Karl Wolff

    Christensen was never a member of the Nazi Party, but his role was considered so important that he was freed from military service and he  secured the crucial privilege of foreign travel.  It appears that he  procured these favors  at least in part through the  protection of a powerful patron – his sister’s husband, the SS General Karl Wolff.

    The German authorities, especially the  Foreign Exchange Control Office, imposed  strict rules on transit firms and monitored them closely, since their activities inevitably accrued assets (foreign debts) abroad.

    Christensen had been traveling to Sweden regularly since 1929. After the outbreak of the Second World War, his visits continued unabated. Yet for some reason, no dossier about him  seems to have been preserved in the archive of the wartime Swedish Security Police. The opening of such a file, with very few exceptions, would have been a routine step,  since Christensen was a foreign national who entered Swedish territory three to four times a year.

    The reasons for the frequent visits were both professional and  personal. By the late 1930s, Christensen had separated from his first wife and had begun a relationship with a Swedish woman whom he would eventually  marry.


    Through new documentation obtained from the Swedish National Archive  and the Christensen family, a clearer picture emerges  of the precise circumstances and considerations that led to Raoul Wallenberg’s selection for the Budapest humanitarian mission in the spring of 1944 .

    With the German occupation of Hungary on March 19, 1944, all Jewish citizens in the country faced   deportation and death. The Nazi killing machine moved with frightening speed.  Kálmán Lauer immediately began to rally all forces to protect his  sister and her family (Irén and Ferenc  Mihály and their daughter) and to save the relatives of his wife Marikka. These included her elderly parents, Lajos and Irene Stein, as well as their only surviving son, Julius Stein.

    In one of the  earliest accounts  of  Wallenberg’s mission, Austrian author Rudolph Philipp wrote that Lauer  had immediately telephoned his “close friend in Hamburg” for help — this was in fact Ludolph Christensen, although  his name is never mentioned.

    According to Philipp,  the initial idea was to  create some kind of business deal  between Hungary and Sweden that would provide  an “advantage” and thereby an incentive for Germany to permit the departure of certain Jewish citizens from Hungary.  Philipp  specifically refers to  a possible “transit transaction” (like the ones that were routinely carried out by Mellaneuropeiska and Nootbaar).  Such a deal would result in much sought after goods and/or possible hard currency income for the Reich.

    Philipp claims that these discussions occurred in June 1944, and that they at some point included the American official Iver Olsen who served  as both the representative of the recently formed  U.S. War Refugee Board  and a  member of the Office of Strategic Services (the predecessor of the CIA)in Stockholm.

    In fact, no record exists of Ludolph Christensen entering Swedish territory in June. It is doubtful  that Christensen ever met with Olsen personally – such a meeting would have entailed enormous risks for a German national.

    Fig. 4 Letter from Mellaneuropeiska requesting an extension of Ludolph Christensen’s visa in April 1944, so that he could meet with Raoul Wallenberg on May 1 -2, 1944. Source: Riksarkivet, Stockholm

    Fig. 4 Letter from Mellaneuropeiska requesting an extension of Ludolph Christensen’s visa in April 1944, so that he could meet with Raoul Wallenberg on May 1 -2, 1944. Source: Riksarkivet, Stockholm

    Instead it is likely that deliberations  had already begun a month or so earlier, when Ludolph Christensen traveled to Sweden for a short visit from April 24 – May 5, 1944. During this trip,  he and Lauer undoubtedly discussed  the  crisis in Hungary brought about by the German occupation  in March 1944  and its likely consequences for Lauer’s relatives.

    Raoul Wallenberg was away on duty with the Swedish Home Guard at the time,   but he was most likely informed about the discussions and was expected to consult with Christensen around May 1 or 2. (see Fig.4)

    Regardless whether or not the two men met at the time, some plan of action appears to have been settled upon.

    One  indirect indication for this  is the fact that  Wallenberg applied already on May 15, 1944 for an extended leave from his military service,

    “to buy foodstuffs, partially for export to Sweden, partially for the distribution among Hungary’s Jews through the Committee that shall be formed for this purpose …”

    This very much echoes the ideas outlined in Philipp’s account.


    At the same time, the Jewish community in Stockholm as well as  the U.S. government stepped up the pressure to find ways to assist Hungary’s Jews, with  the help of the Swedish authorities.

    On June 7, the American Minister Hershel Johnson discussed the situation with the Swedish Cabinet Secretary Eric Boheman who agreed to strengthen his country’s official representation in Budapest. In a letterBoheman also outlined concrete  Swedish plans  for

    “..sending food to those in concentration camps[in Hungary] to be distributed  under supervision.”

    This too echoes the initial plans allegedly discussed by Christensen, Lauer, Wallenberg and Olsen.

    Precisely at this moment also came an urgent call from the Swedish Legation, Budapest for increased personnel to deal with the growing  humanitarian crisis.

    On June 12, Hershel Johnson reported home to Washington –  to  the U.S. Secretary of State, Cordell Hull  – that he has

    “found Swede who is going to Hungary very near future  on business trip and who appears willing to lend every possible assistance on Hungarian  problem.”

    Johnson’s  statement underscores that up to this point  Raoul Wallenberg had clearly intended to travel to Hungary in the capacity of a businessman, most likely in support of Christensen’s and Lauer’s plans. But he faced a serious problem:  By the beginning of June,  it was nearly  impossible to obtain a transit visa through Germany, because the border with Hungary was essentially closed.

    On June 12 and again on June 15, Wallenberg met with Iver Olsen to discuss the possible rescue action and it must have been decided at this point that Wallenberg should receive a formal diplomatic appointment. Such a step meant that he would have to abstain from any commercial activities, but this hardly mattered, since Lauer would continue to manage Mellaneuropeiska’s affairs.


    In a two page summary  he wrote after the war about his activities in Hungary in 1944, Ludolph  Christensen relates how just a few days earlier, on June 5, 1944,  he had set out on a trip to Karlsbad (then part of the annexed Sudetenland) to meet with an “high officer of the Waffen SS”.  This was almost certainly  General  Wolff who frequently traveled there to recover  from a serious kidney ailment that had required an operation the year before.   In 1943, Wolff had finally obtained  permission to divorce his first wife and to  marry Christensen’s sister, Ingrid, with whom he had  a liaison since 1936.

    Christensen apparently received a [letter of]  recommendation from Wolff to his  friend, Edmund Veesenmayer, Reich Plenipotentiary in Hungary.  However, Christensen was prevented from immediately proceeding to Hungary by the Allied bombing of his company buildings in Hamburg,  which required his urgent return.  He was only able to obtain a visa for travel to Budapest by mid-July 1944.

    On July 22, Raoul Wallenberg sent a telegram, confirming  Christensen’s arrival (“Ludo angekommen”.)

    In his summary account Christensen explains  how  upon his arrival in Budapest,  he  went straight away to see Raoul Wallenberg who introduced him to the First Secretary  at the Swedish Legation, Per Anger.  Wallenberg explained that Christensen had come to assist them “with their project”.  Anger provided Christensen with  a copy of a Swedish ‘note verbale’ which he and Wallenberg planned to present to the Hungarian authorities, asking for the protection of twenty-five Jewish individuals with ties to Sweden. The list included Kálmán  Lauer’s sister, her husband and their daughter, as well as Marikka Lauer’s relatives.

    Christensen then immediately went to see Veesenmayer who referred him to Theodor Grell, the official in charge of Jewish affairs at the German Legation.  According to Christensen, Grell expressed great surprise, wondering

    why would   I – a German citizen –  concern myself with rescuing Jews?”

    Christensen writes:

    “I explained that Koloman and Marikka Lauer were my good friends in Sweden and that it should not be a problem to release the people named in the official Swedish ‘note verbale’ of which I handed him a copy.” 

    Grell replied that the Jews who had lived in the provinces he could

    ” ‘no longer obtain’precisely as if he was talking about an item that had sold out“,

    Christensen finally received  Grell’s assurances that those Jews mentioned in the ‘note verbale’ who remained in Budapest would be protected and permitted to leave.

    The next few days, Christensen and Wallenberg spent filling out forms on behalf of those who could possibly be rescued.

    Christensen then went to see Grell again, to plead for Lauer’s sister and her family, but did not succeed in winning permission for them to depart for Sweden.  It appears that through his efforts, however, a small group of other individuals were later allowed to leave Hungary.

    The German authorities soon objected to Christensen’s presence  and it was made clear to him that  he should depart as soon as possible.

    Christensen writes that during his last night in Budapest he and  Raoul Wallenberg had dinner on the veranda of the famous Gellert hotel. Wallenberg pointed out another guest, the head of the Fascist Arrow Cross Party, Ferenc  Szálasi, who was seated at a neighboring table. A few months later,  Szálasi would gain power, plunging the country into complete chaos, with his Arrow Cross followers murdering Jews  nearly at will.

    When Christensen left Hungary  on August 1, 1944, Wallenberg asked him to deliver greetings to his mother and to tell her that he planned to travel home to Sweden via “Siberia, China and the United States”.  Christensen says that Wallenberg was curious about the Far East and that he felt his diplomatic passport would offer all the necessary protection he needed for such a trip.

    With Christensen’s stay in Budapest  cut short, one wonders what happened to  his and Wallenberg’s  plans

    “to probe the highest German circles for future developments”.

    Given Christensen’s personal connections, it would be interesting to know if these plans referred solely to the subject of Jewish deportations or if topics like how to find a quick end to the war, through possible  separate peace agreements (between Germany and the Allies),  were perhaps intended to become part of these considerations.  Numerous such initiatives were under way at the time, in both Budapest and Stockholm.

    Interestingly, right after Christensen’s arrival in Budapest,  Wallenberg had sent  a coded telegram to Sweden on this very subject.

    Fig. 5  Coded telegram sent by Raoul Wallenberg to Stockholm on July 22, 1944, referring to rumors about possible separate peace negotiations between Germany and the Allies. Source:  Riksarkivet, Stockholm

    Fig. 5 Coded telegram sent by Raoul Wallenberg to Stockholm on July 22, 1944, referring to rumors about possible separate peace negotiations between Germany and the Allies. Source: Riksarkivet, Stockholm

    In this telegram  he urged the Americans to ensure that if a  separate peace agreement would be concluded between Germany and the Allies (possibly the Soviet Union),  the protection of the Jews was secured well in advance. It is unclear if Wallenberg was reacting to certain rumors circulating in Budapest or if Christensen could have been the source of this information.

    It is well known that Stalin  strongly disapproved of such discussions, and he especially objected to the deal made in early 1945 by U.S. intelligence chief Allen Dulles with  General  Wolff  –  the so-called “Operation Sunrise”. Wolff had arranged the full surrender of the German Army in Italy to U.S. authorities  without prior knowledge or involvement of the Soviet leadership.

    In this connection it would  be of some interest to examine what exactly the Russians knew about Raoul Wallenberg’s long-time association with  Christensen and if so, how they assessed this contact.  From the Soviet perspective,  Mellaneuropeiska’s German business dealings may have simply confirmed that  – wartime or not  – Sweden and Raoul Wallenberg were ready to maintain profitable relations with the Third Reich. It also needs to be established if the Soviets linked Raoul Wallenberg in any way to Karl Wolff  (via Christensen, for example) or to  separate peace discussions in general.


    There is some indication that Soviet officials have known about Raoul Wallenberg’s German business contacts for some time, even though this information has never been shared in detail .

    In 2004, Vladimir Sokolov, the Russian diplomat, historian and former member of the official Russian-Swedish Working Group that investigated the Wallenberg case during the 1990s, published several summary notes about his participation in this work (Zametki uchastnika rossisko-shvedskoi rabochei gruppy  po “delu Wallenberga”, Novaya i Noveishaya Istoria, 2004)He writes that during the war,

    “Raoul Wallenberg, like his rich relatives from the ‘house of Wallenberg’ traded successfully with firms of fascist Germany, including trading in strategic materials.”

    Sokolov does not clarify from which source he obtained this information, but it appears to be a clear reference to Mellaneuropeiska’s contacts with German firms like Nootbaar and the trade in goods other than foodstuffs.  His claims were never discussed in the Working Group.

    It is worth noting that Christensen’s name was left out of all accounts of Wallenberg’s mission. And even though he went to great length to assist Lauer’s family and his actions carried considerable risk, he himself  never mentioned his role after the war, including in his  application for Swedish citizenship filed in 1952.

    Christensen was   by nature a  modest man, yet his silence may be due to a number of considerations. Perhaps he  felt that he did not want to draw undue attention to himself, for both personal and professional reasons.  Undoubtedly, his sister’s marriage to Karl Wolff and the use of this connection for Christensen’s actions in Budapest could have  been misinterpreted and lead to unwanted publicity.

    It is also an indisputable fact that Mellaneuropeiska  had maintained  and profited from extensive trade relations with a German firm during the war years. There may have been fears that this association could have  sparked public  controversy about perceived “war profiteering” and could  end up harming  Raoul Wallenberg’s reputation.

    Mellaneuropeiska’s  association with Nootbaar was undoubtedly a double edged sword:  On the one hand, the contacts secured key goods (foodstuffs/raw materials) for Sweden during war time, ensuring adequate supplies and providing a true national service. In addition, large charitable donations were facilitated with Christensen’s help.  On the other hand, all this was achieved with the  assistance of a firm that had been designated “vital” to the Third Reich and that  produced key benefits (foreign exchange and goods) for the Nazi government.

    That the matter was sensitive is  underscored by the fact that Kálmán Lauer’s lengthy account of his economic activities in Sweden  – which he  submitted as part of his own application for Swedish citizenship in 1944 –  does not  once mention Ludolph Christensen by name, even though most of the cited transactions involved  Christensen’s person and/or his firm.

    Finally, Christensen may have  been  concerned about how his actions might be perceived by certain conservative circles  in post-war Germany and in Sweden.

    During the war years, Mellaneuropeiska  functioned in a completely anglophile, anti-Nazi environment ; one  that also was very much pro-German, in the sense that many people in Sweden had deep sympathies for  the “ordinary” German who opposed Hitler’s dictatorship. Wallenberg’s and Lauer’s personal outlook  is quite clear on this point. So are the attitudes of Carl Matthiessen and Sven Salén,   the owners of  Banankompaniet (under whose umbrella Mellaneuropeiska operated).  Matthiessen was a staunch supporter of the Norwegian resistance and was close friends with several key British diplomats  and  intelligence representatives in Stockholm.  Salén’s mindset too was definitely pro-Allied. (He served as Vice-President of the Swedish-American Society for many years).

    Yet, all these men certainly had  a very   pragmatic attitude when it came to business. It was clear that old friendships and associations weighed heavily in the balance.  The all important  goal  was to help and protect fellow business associates and, in the process,   secure  a favorable position for Swedish companies  in the post-war economy.

    To this end,   businessmen like Matthiessen and Salén,  as well   their bankers  – the powerful Wallenberg brothers chief among them –  extended considerable assistance to numerous persons throughout the war, across a broad political and ideological spectrum.

    Jacob and Marcus Wallenberg played a key role in helping  German companies and individuals cloak their assets abroad, for which they stood  accused  by U.S. authorities for aiding the enemy; and rightly so, in spite of recent attempts to portray these transactions solely as a means of supporting old associates and the German resistance.

    Matthiessen’s company, meanwhile, had longstanding ties to Hungary and the family behind the country’s most important industrial concern , Manfred Weiss.  He was instrumental in offering the Weiss family important assistance in Sweden, including the safeguarding of some of their holdings.

    Raoul Wallenberg’s plans for an organization dedicated to the restitution of Jewish property in Hungary after the war –  including lost patent and cartel rights – is another example of this approach.


    None of the foregoing in any way diminishes Raoul Wallenberg’s work or accomplishments in Budapest in 1944. His German business contacts,  however, may  have  further enhanced  the already strong Soviet suspicions about his person. In January 1945 Wallenberg was arrested by Soviet forces and taken to Moscow where he disappeared.

    It needs to be determined  if Wallenberg’s association with Ludolph  Christensen had any broader ramifications for his later fate.  Future research will have to show if  the Russians attached any significance to Wallenberg’s German connections or if they regarded them as mostly incidental. In order to do so, it will also be necessary to  gain a deeper understanding of  Mellaneuropeiska‘s  full range of activities during the war years.


    Susanne Berger  is a historical researcher and journalist who has studied the background of the Raoul Wallenberg case for many years.  She served as an independent consultant to the Russian-Swedish Working Group from 1995-2001.

    C.G.McKay has written several research reports on the case of Raoul Wallenberg and is the author of the books “From Information to Intrigue” (1993) and (with Bengt Beckman) “Swedish Signal Intelligence 1900-1945” (2003).

    Vadim Birstein, a biologist and historian, was a member of the first International Commission on Raoul Wallenberg headed by Prof. Guy von Dardel, Wallenberg’s half-brother, in 1990-91. He has published many articles on the Wallenberg case (some co-authored with Susanne Berger) and is the author of the books “The Perversion of Knowledge: The True History of Soviet Science” (2001) and “SMERSH, Stalin’s Secret Weapon: Soviet Military counterintelligence in WWII” (2012),  which received the inaugural St. Ermin’s Intelligence Book Award in 2012.

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    1. ————————————————————————–
      (1/2015): Who will not be moved by Marie Dupuy´s words and Raoul´s fate ? Why not light a candle ? But I prefer to shed light, by reconstructing, if possible, some of the initial conditions, what shaped and surrounding Raoul, his choices, before and during his last mission.Such activities seems more rewarding, to reach an answer, but are not a closed narrative, at least for a long time to come.
      But his UD/U.S. WRB-mission seems rather provisional ad-hoc, organised, what saved the persecuted, for a while, but spell disaster for himself, but let other all of the Swedish leg-ationpersonnel all survive. How come ?

      Did the West´s selfish and provisonal ad-hoc use of Hungary´s situation, 1943/44,con-tribute mainly to the Hungarian Holocaust ? By trying to have the Third Reich deploy as many divisions as possible on the Hungarian soil, (1944, March,19) ?

      By encouraging fake separate capitulation talks, and an unrealistic planning for an inva-sion from the Adriatic, only to decrease the German pressure, with a few Wehrmacht units, on the Normandy beaches, the 2nd D-Dayfront in June 1944 ? This is the stand-point what Israeli/Jewish and Hungarian researchers and scholars take officially today.

      And by that the “Auschwitz” bombings, fading as an option, there were no Allied military second thoughts, or imaginations about the initial phase of the Hungarian Holocaust, at all, April-July, but the dispatch of Raoul Wallenberg. WRB didn´t care much either, for him, the Baltic operations/Iver Olsen were far more of interest, than Budapest. A minor damagecontrol, it seems, today.

      The British used the same old Churchill hit-and-run tactic,as in Norway, in April 1940, before the German onslaught in the West, May 10, France, and succeded. 300.000 Ger-man soldiers were deployed, in Norway, to May 1945. (2.100.000 travelled through Sweden, 1940-43, on leave to relax for a while at home, from, their executions, torture, and forced labor Pow-camps, the bombing, sinking of the Allies Murman-convoys activities on Norwegian territory. (But the British were anyway forced to leave Europe, 1940.)
      Of course, no one wants “voluntary” to take on, to challenge the heavy political/military contemporary surroundings, of the Wallenberg myth, narrative, in this way. Nor Sweden or U.S. could swap or bribe Raoul Wallenberg free ? How come ? Did they prefer status quo ? From national security interests, never made public ? Was Raoul more worth, as “Missed-in-Action”, behind the Red army lines ? Never to told anything about his emp-loyers, contacts, experiences, missions.

      Raoul didn´t had any Swedish official warrants, orders to contact the Red Army, neither as representing the Swedish legation, as the Soviet-“protection” power, or building a special Jewish relieforganisation, as soon as possible, 1945. Intentions, what the maybe aroused justified Russian suspicions. Relieforganisations could, and was, often fx used for intelligence purposes, as we knew exact that the WRB even contained, OSS-elements.

      Sweden and the U.S.,never fully informed the Soviet Union of Raoul´s mission,what must be declared as a typical “secret-agent” arrangement, as even Iver Olsen´s. Perhaps ext-ended by Raoul´s own actions, with far more low deniability factor. Both were not career diplomats, a way of serving, living, the Wallenbergsphere´s people, were in fact the most experienced of, ever known, in Sweden, since the early 1900s.

      But Olsen “as diplomat” easily cooperated on Swedish soil,with both the secret C-bureau and Baltic resistance groups, 1944, both rather shady, from the official Grand Alliance´s perspective.

      This behaviour, started the Swedish changing-horse in-the-race, operation, 1944, not only by a new more realistic mind-set, from early mistakes, opportunism, greed, pains and the Axis´s fortune of war. The former Rights party leader Gösta Bagge, a pro-Ger-man Minister of Education, present in Berlin, to congratulate “Adolf´50 ! `” “Honk ! ” April 20,1939, claimed, 1945 : ” The Allieds, U.S./UK were much more mean and ruth-less, against Sweden, than the Germans – much more ! ”
      (By the Baltic operations, Iver Olsen/WRB managed to “rescue”, some of the Estonian ” Omakaitse”/Selfdefence officials, responsible for the death of Estonia´s “ANNE FRANK “, the 13 year old Jewish retarded girl, ms BELE RATUT, delivered from a Childs Home-institution, then killed in the Tallinn´s Centralprison,(as many other s through the war) accused of ” communist activities, 1941, November 28. Her father Haim, was then alre-ady executed. (This facts, is officiallly confirmed in the latest research literature, and can´t be denied.)
      But why didn´t the Russians stage a showtrial against Raoul, if he was viewed as some-one dangerous “public enemy” as the “U-2” pilot, Francis Powers, of May 1960 ? That wasn´t possible, either. Just the closed Ljubjanka denial doors. And Stalin´s lid on. Could his potential personal capacity and contacts in itself, if released, be dangerous for the Russians, before the war was over ? Did he refused to cooperate, or to serve a Soviet secret service ? Why did they kept him with many of the Third Reich´s captured worst perpetrators and Abwehrspies ?

      Raoul Wallenberg´s close relatives, his parents , the Dardels, and the Hungarian amb-assadors Antal Ullein-Reviczkys, who lunched with Raoul, in July 1944, the Lagergrens couple in Berlin,and the businessman, K.Lauer/Meropa AB, Iver Olsen, US/WRB/OSS, and never saw him again, must by that carry heavy feelings of guilt, hard to find salvation from, sacrifying their son and friend. When the rest of the Swedish Budapest legation arrived to Stockholm, by boat in April, 1945, Raoul was missing, abandoned.

      * This text was written before the above: “Raoul Wallenberg´s secret German contacts”,
      by the “big three ” in the Wallenberg research / Birstein/McKay/Berger, what anyway was a relief, after my about 60 articles,2013/2014, what all pointed in this direction/ Servus.

    2. ———————————————————————-
      This new documentation constitute a good breakthrough in the Wallenberg case. This informations about the German businessman, Ludolph Christensen, must be accessed from internal and archival sources, hard to get for just ordinary people, but maybe an important piece in the mapping, Wallenberg´s activities, at home and abroad, 1940-1944.

      Here we can see Meropa AB´s Kalman Lauer´s intentional hiding of the circumstances, (Christensen´s existence) what perhaps caused Raouls disappearance, as many other facts, such behaviour is not limited to certain countries, or times.
      Ludolph Christensen, brother-in law, (Ingeborg Maria von Bernstorff) (from 1943) with one of the worst dangerous Nazis, the SS-general Karl Wolff, (Lang, Jochen von (2013) : Top Nazi: Karl Wolff: The Man Between Hitler and Himmler) could explain and create a chain of possible fatal moves, taken by Wallenberg, in July 1944.

      There is quite plausible, that Christensen was a go-between with Himmler, and Karl Wolff, aiming at a separate capitulation on the German Eastfront,only to the Western Allies, and then take a united stance against the Soviet Red army. This was the Nazi´s pipedream, and the “Jews-for-sale”, a mean to reach that goal, to cultivate contacts
      with the West.

      “Look how nice we are against the Jews”- , after the horrible initial Hungarian phase of Holocaust, April -July. Raoul could have been the credible man, to achieve this ” new situation”, the rescuing of well-to-do Jews, quite impossible without vital Hungarian and German assistance, personal protection, not the least the other Neutrals, what of even some unknown reasons chosed to stay in Budapest, after the Hungarian government
      Perhaps Wallenberg was the man, to negotiate such a capitulation deal. I wrote before, strange how fast Raoul took off for Budapest, arriving July, 9, about 11 days before the count Claus Stauffenberg´s attempt on Hitler, July 20, “Operation Valkyrie”, and as early as July 22, sent a telegram, about separate capitulation rumours to Sweden, and the Meropa AB/ U.S/UK. legation.
      To me it is surpricing, that neither the authors above, or Ingrid Carlberg mention this connections. It took some time for the Germans to report on the attempt, in their public media,radio, perhaps from early July 21, 1944. There´s still much to present, but Carl-berg´s comprehensive article today 17.1, in the liberal Dagens Nyheter, doesn´t brea-thing of any complications, at all.

      Not, about Wallenberg´s lack of any kind of warrants from the Swedish government/ legation. Not about the Budapest legation´s pronounced pro-German orientation, and not about the Jenö Bogdanffy´s “quick fix” proposal to WRB, July 1944.
      When in fact the rightliberal foreign minister Christian Günther, employed Raoul, thro-ugh his later liberal under-secretary of State, Erik Boheman. They served a whole year in the government, during June,30 -1944-July 31, 1945, and must bear the decisive initial responsibility, not the Socialdemocrats, presented with the “fait accompli”, August 1945.
      not only of Raoul, but his mighty relatives as problematic, cloaking of their German trade/business.
      Perhaps Jakob Wallenberg, was informed of the attempt, coup´d état in Germany, from close contacts with his friends in the Widerstand, Carl Goerdeler, Adam von Trott, and others, and could dispatch Raoul as his and the U.S./U.K. trusted agent to meet up, in such a dramatic event.

      But the “regimchange” didn´t succeed, Hitler survived, the Abwehr and Wehrmachts fra-ctions, were crushed, and the NSDAP/SS/RSHA parties took power, with SS/SD Walter Schellenberg another of the Wallenberg´s (and Bernadotte´s) close contacts. So busin-ess as usual, via Sweden, during the fall of 1944, when perhaps Raoul visited Sweden, to undertake that, what Marcus Wallenberg himself claimed (a visit) 1981.

      That was questioned by Raoul´s relatives but a second thought could explain Marcus´s statement:- Perhaps he would hint that Raoul, took risks with such a mission/his miss-ions and tried to be released from feelings of absolute responsibility.

      The attempt didn´t kill Hitler, and couldn´t pave the way for a National Wehrmacht/ Abwehr government, and a possible German separate captulation on the Westfront/ France/Italy. Such a solution was not appreciated by Stalin,but feared, rather Hitler in power, and an unconditional surrender, within a year. This opinion was outspoken shared by the British.

      But the Wallenberg-sphere should no doubt wished, and banked on such a develop-ment, together with other pro-German circles, and Raoul Wallenberg´s mission orien-tation, presence, coincided with this possibility. That must be mention.
      So if the Russians, six month later, January 1945 was interested, not only of Wallenberg´s business antecedentia in Sweden/Hungary, but even the separate capitulation sound-erings from September, 1943, (in Turkey), when he even was present, but even of stop-ping all such capitulation activities, and that were perhaps not the last, with 6 months of fierce battles still waiting to May,9 1945,(and Japan) was probably the main and con-temporary justified reason behind Raouls arrest, and internment, habea corpus.
      Raoul Wallenberg´s Meropa AB not only delivered ASEA-technology for the Hungarian Jewish-owned industries/Manfred Weiss/ Csepel ordnance plants, what was a Swedish tradition since 1920s, to deliver machine tools due to the company´s chronicles,and by that supporting German/Hungarian warefforts.

      From Manfred Weiss´s Csepel, aircrafts like Messerschmitt BF 109-216, (single engine fighter) was flown to Luftwaffe. On Donau,big barges shipped licencebuilt Daimler-Benz engines, for German Panzerkraftwagen, of different types.Perhaps this fact, was disturb-ing for poor Iver Olsen/WRB, when this weapons rained down on the heads of his GI-Joes, on the “Omaha” beaches, in Normandy.

      But first Hitler use this Swedish/Hungarian weaponry to occupy Hungary, March 19, and initiate the fastest phase of the Holocaust, ever seen, much caused by the latters sep-arate capitulation sounderings, since 1943, not that secret it seems.
      If then Raoul twice could be observed in the “separate capitulation business”, looks like C. McKay´s quotation about Ivan Danielsson:” To lose one parent, could be, but to lose two, seems careless.”

      But he couldn´t be tried, perhaps they viewed him, far more dangerous than ordinary spies/agents, he wasn´t able to prove his innocence with his huge secret network of contacts and perhaps secret missions, and agent arrangements. United States, was of course, totally impotent, and dependent of Stalin´s Red army offensives, to Berlin and Manchuria, the whole of 1945.

      Don´t mention Sweden, and her Stella Polaris/Baltic transports/ the Lillehammer coup, 1944/45, executed in part by captain H.Ternberg, the U.S OSS-agents, spies: Iver Olsen, Joseph Kloman, Frederic Dowling, people without any trace, in the U.S. Foreign Service List.

      So this article could be the “closed case” declaration. The Russians performance, serving the West´s Super-Ego… The more they tell, the more guilty they will be, and the press increase. Perhaps they are fed up with the case.
      LATEST BID: JANUARY 17: 2015
      The Swedish TV4:Channel : January, 17, claims: The U.S. deployment of the Budapest City group, (group of 50) was scheduled to January 12th, 1945, and in cooperation with the Hungarian resistance, (but was cancelled) and Raoul Wallenberg could stage some… what ?

      That´s the question. Nothing of military significance could be done, no kind of Warzaw uprising (1944) could take place, and was never intended, by U.S./U.K. But here the Red Army just had encircled Budapest, crossed the Danube, what not was a military option around Warzaw, during the Polish Home army´s failed uprising. But wrong anyway ? Hungary needed a reconstruction and landreform as Poland after the war, all what the Allies agreed on. As they forced Sweden in the Safe haven-project´s war reparations payments.

      The researcher Gellert Kovacs claims then that, out from this, the “arrest of Wallenberg, was quite justified from a Soviet perspective”. “The Bari-cable” (7/11-44) was presen-ted, in original but the name ” captain Thernberg”, (2nd in the C-bureau), and probably one of Raouls´handlers, wasn´t mentioned.

    3. ————————————————————————
      November 23, 1943, the Swedish banker Jakob Wallenberg, friend of Carl Goerdeler in the Widerstand/Robert Bosch AG, with Swedish diplomats, (Ingemar Hägglöf /UD-H) and experts arrived to Berlin, to continue Swedish/German negotiations of the shipping dur-ing the war conditions between Gothenburg, and other ports, Iceland, Portugal, Afrika, Turkey, Greece.

      But during the night, all of the Swedish legationbuildings were destroyed by the Allieds bombing raids, and the delegation must return to Stockholm.The following night, 23/24 destroyed even the Hotel Kaiserhof, where they should have stayed. The Marineoberst-richter (Navy judge) Berthold Graf Stauffenberg (brother of Count Claus Stauffenberg) and the Korvettenkapitän Alfred Kranzfelder, should represent their ” dienststelle” Ober-kommando der Marine/Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine.

      (But even the Kriegsmarine´s supreme command section, at the Tirpitzufer no.72-76, burned down November 23, and they hade to move to ” Lili Marlene-kasernen” in Ebers-walde, 60 km:s north of Berlin, then to the Barrack camp, ” Koralle” in Bernau, 30km:s north Berlin This from a German source /P. Hoffman.
      There are different sources of information when Jakob Wallenberg and his entourage returned: Swedish source: (Diss./Eric Carlsson 1998) Returned to Berlin around Sunday/ Monday) November 28/29. But Jakob returned to Berlin, to meet Goerdeler, Tuesday November, 30, and returned to Stockholm December, 3.

      But November,28-December,2, the decisive summit in Tehran, between the Three Allies, deciding in opening of a 2nd front in Europe ,1944 (D-Day.) But this trips are not notif-ied in Jakob´s cabinetpassport (JW archive 190 F1). But could he by that, be present at Raoul Wallenberg´s famous cocktailparty, December 2 ?

      More facts, Wallenbergs confident, Rolf Calissendorff (Navyofficer/reserve) traveled in November 1943, to Paris/Madrid in business. But he even visited Carl Goerdeler at the Kaiserhof, what claimed that the war was soon to end. Calissendorff stayed there, some-times,between November 9-November 22, in company with the SUKAB man.director
      Hans Mott (officer/A1-artill.reserv.), head there since 1942, and left a special message to Jakob Wallenberg, (unknown what.)

      SUKAB (Export compensation Board) (Blasieholmstorg no. 11) and Jakob Wallenberg, and Hans Mott, must even had close contact with Raoul Wallenberg, (due to S. Berger) 1942-44, but Mott´s name was first mentioned by me. How come , such an important name was left out ? He took part of the contacts with Adam von Trott, 1942 / Staffan Söderblom (UD), in Stockholm, but later withdrew from support of this activities. Lived in Stockholm/Lidingö.
      The German source: Peter Hoffman (1992) (Aufl.2008) : December, 1-2, the Swedes returned to Berlin, for negotiations. But January 3-5, 1944, (Navy judge) Berthold Graf Stauffenberg (brother of Count Claus Stauffenberg) and the Korvettenkapitän Alfred Kranzfelder, arrived to Stockholm, to conclude the talks. (Together with the German Stockholmlegation´s diplomat, Leitner, Navy captain von Wahlert, the commercial attaché Behrens, and captain Raehmel).

      Stauffenberger/ Kranzfelder even then tried to arrange a contact with Britain. Alfred Kranzfelder, asked January 4, during a dinner, the host, the Navy Captain Moje Östberg (b.97) (Sweden´s Navy attaché/Berlin 1942-44), to arrange for a private meeting, with Jakob Wallenberg. That took place, but contents and result are unknowned. Early January 6, the German delegation flown back to Berlin. (P.M. Verhandlungen über Technische Fragen des Göteborgsverkehrs am 3 januari 1944.)
      Both Berthold Graf Stauffenberg (brother of Count Claus Stauffenberg) and the Korvet-tenkapitän Alfred Kranzfelder, took then part in the July 20-conspiration, 1944, were arrested, then convicted, executed, hanged the same day, August 10.Two of the 5.000 executions following the July 20.
      The German source:PH. Count Claus von Stauffenberg was called to Berlin, September 9-14,1943, because the attempt was first planned to the month of September. Colonel Tresckow, had arranged through Jakob Wallenberg,that the “Staatsstreich” /coup´d´etat, was decided to September, and delivered to Berlin,

      Goerdeler reported to Jakob Wallenberg: ” Persuade the Allies not to execute bombing-raids of : Berlin, Stuttgart (* Robert Bosch AG) and Leipzig(* Mayor Goerdeler´s strong-hold) , up to October 15.”- During this period the attempt was to be executed, and even has time for necessary negotiations. The explosives was intended to be placed in paperfiles, activated, during a meeting with Hitler. But no action was taken, and Goerd-eler told Jakob Wallenberg that the attempt had been delayed.
      Adam von Trott visited Ivar Andersson, Inga Almström (b.Kempe), and the British diplo-mat/SIS-agent Roger Hinks, March 14, and 18,1944. Late May, von Trott met Kessel, June 13 to Stuttgart for meetings. June 18, the day before his last Swedentrip, June 19-26, 1944.
      CONCLUSIONS : There is by that:
      (1.) Confirmed basic connections with Jakob Wallenberg, and the active German Wider-standgroup, both 1943 and 1944, before the attempt. (The Kranzfelder/Stauffenberg, Stockholm visit 1944, not that known…how come ? ). The first attempt in July, was planned the same day Raoul Wallenberg departed, July 7, by air, from Stockholm to Berlin, the Swedish legation, arriving to Budapest, July 9. Raoul departed with a speed what even his employer Iver Olsen remarked about.
      (2.) Raoul Wallenberg was “in-place” in Hungary, September 3 – October 10, 1943, and even during the real July 20-attempt in Rastenburg, what failed, and Hitler survived. But anyway Wallenberg was “in-place”, since 7-9/July in Berlin/Budapest, 1944. Then Chri-stensen arrived to Budapest, July 22, on recommendations from Himmler´s closest man, SS/General Karl Wolff, and charged with Himmler´s separate surrender sounderings, to rescue Jews with Raoul, or…both.

      Raoul´s report : “An individual who came highly recommended has joined me to help probe the highest German circles for future developments. » What highest German circles ? What developments ?

      But Christensen even met SS/Karl Wolff, in Karlsbad,already, and received a letter of rec-ommendation to the Reich´s pleniponitentiary in Budapest, June 5, NSDAP/ Edmund Veesenmayer, as to complicate things further. Perhaps V.Höttl, the SD/SS-official in Bu-dapest, was implicated, his “Revier”.

      But Wallenberg´s UD-promotion, was a cover for the WRB-mission, but could have been even used as a cover, by Jakob Wallenberg and Raoul,for their “own” project, support/ liasion-project for the Wiederstand, during “attempts” not even knewn by Iver Olsen/ WRB, the removal of Hitler, and the German “opening up” of her Western front, “The West” solution 1944, but continue fighting in the East, against the Red army.
      (3.) Raouls close presence , twice , his close connection with Jakob Wallenberg doesn´t contradicts such a scenario. Raoul were the most suitable and trusted, person to be a link between, a new nationalist German government, and the West, for a separate Ger-man surrender, although hard to achieve, what even Jakob understood.

      But Raouls´ rescuing of Jews, if mean, can perhaps be interpreted both as to produce a new chance for a 3rd desperate separate soundering, the Fall of 1944, but now direct from RFSS/ Himmler/Fegelein/Becher-chain, the SS-fraction, not the Wehrmacht/ Ab-wehr parties then neutralized, what implicated Walter Schellenberg/SS/SD. But even like Karl Wolff, to save the “Wallenbergs” own necks, (and perhaps as many fleeing Nazis as possible, in November/ December).

      Karl Wolff succeeded to reach a separate surrender with Allen Dulles/OSS in Italy. The negotiations were undertaken in ” Neutral” Switzerland, a neutral nation, what no doubt had economic/political interests in Italy. Wolff was never tried for his Nazi-career,and warcrimes as RFSS/Himmler´s adjutant, just remarkable, protected by Dulles. (Here the Switzerland, perhaps began to get attention in Moscow, perhaps acted out in Budapest, the Meier/Feller-case.)

      Most for the reason, that a Wolff-trial had revealed that Allen Dulles, had broken the Allies agreement, in Casablanca, 1943, of a German “unconditional surrender”. Facts that could been implicated in the Wallenberg case. Probably, every secret service, as usual, played their own games, in some cases.
      The SS/ Colonel, Kurt Becher, another SS ” Wunderkind” of Himmler, occupied with the take-over of the Manfred Weiss Werke, where Vilmos Billitz (in Wallenberg´s diary) was the director of just the: Aviation Industry sector, both in close contact with the perhaps WRB´s “Wunderkind “Raoul Wallenberg. (Manfred Weiss Flugzeug und Motorenfabrik A.G./Duna Aircraft Manufacturing plant).

      The Duna plant at that time produced planes for the German Luftwaffe. Raoul met Vilmos Billitz, September 29, 1944 ” with Gestapo”, due to his diary. A kind of feverish activities, in the endphase of the war, what characterize every actor there, but from different points of departure.
      (4.) Of course Ludolph Christensen could have been even a link to SS/General Karl Wolff, then in Italy. Wolff was chosed by Himmler to undertake separate surrender-activities, with West. Other nazis, was delegated to the Kz-camps, Rudolf Höss,Auschwitz, Odilo Globocnik exterminated the Poles in “Operation Reinhard.” (Kadar/Vagi/The Goldtrain).

      Wolff did that, with Allen Dulles/OSS Italy in March/April 1945, his only chance to avoid ending his days in the end of a roope in the Nuremberg trials, 1946. But Wolff is present in every official photo with the highest Nazi toppbrass, 1933-1945. He ought to have been hanged, instead of his bosses, Hitler, Himmler´s painless cowardly ” Freitodts”.
      (5.) Jakob Wallenberg could possible not, back out from his contact with the Widerstand/ Goerdeler, 1942/43 and the Robert Bosch-business,1943/44, no way,and the July 20 attempt.Allen Dulles what was even informed about the codename “Breakers”, had”brea-ked” July, 20, through his German agents in Berne.

      Earlier, an Widerstand-emissary arrived to Berne, suggesting an attempt, and if the All-ies could alter their policy of unconditional surrender, but that was ” unconditional no”. Then July 12 Dulles sent a telegram to Bill Donovan of a “possible dramatic event may take place up north.”

      In the end of 1944, and beginning of 1945, Dulles conceived and orchestred “Operation Sunrise”, with SS/Karl Wolff, (seems like a race between the Wallenberg sphere and Dulles/OSS, or joint venture.) I wonder sometimes if Raoul Wallenberg had another mission, 1945, some secret mission, as he left the Swedish legations field of authority, as something forced him to do that, not only his future Jewish reliefproject. But that is just speculations. Or became suspected implicated in some other scheme ?

      An early warning of the Cold war, when the U.S/UK refused to let the Soviets in, leaving the Soviets deceived and suspicious about U.S. postwar plans for Europe.
      Gar Alperowitz : – What have been gained by two month of dickering with the Nazis ?
      A mere six days !” (Dickering= Treat something casually or irresponsibly; toy with) The possibility of mutual confidence post war had been destroyed./S. Kinzer 2013./
      (6.) It´s embarrasing for the official investigation, that this quite plausible chain of ev-ents,in line with the Christensen file, hadn´t been ruled out, but must be formulated only by me, the facts were on the official table, from start. But “Nobody does it better…”
      (7.) But must admits, that, if Allen Dulles, the U.S /OSS boss in Berne, later CIA-head, (up to “the Bearded devil has won” ! 1961/CIA/Playa Giron), wasted about three months to achive a separate surrender for the German Italy-forces,from the beginning of March, 1945, something like that seems perhaps too big, (not splash), game for the Wallen-bergsphere, anyway, but Raoul on the alert, in-place !

      (But a dead Hitler, was a formidable gamechanger, as Germany´s war efforts no doubt depended on his wellknown massagitation ability, compared to Stalin, the party-and committeé man, the skilled organizer, but with not that overwhelming charisma.)

      But perhaps Jakob Wallenberg, admired by Raoul, had cultivated the best contacts of all with the German Widerstand, Carl Goerdeler, Adam von Trott, von Stauffenbergs. One can´t turn a stone around, in the Wallenberg case, without the disclosure of a perhaps far more different narrative, than the, one “engraved” in the official “table of stones.”
      Ludolph Christensen, arrived to Sweden, around 1946, lived in a house in Malmö, Limhamn, Vikingavägen 43, married with his Swedish wife, 1945. Died 1983.

      Ludolph soon started a Swedish company….yes, the usual, import/export, and as an eggproducer: a J. Nootbaar Junior GMBH, speciality since decades: (1940 = Inopur Eiprodukte/Hamburg:Brandenburgerhaus) (Heute: Probably:Hamegg Nootbaar GmbH ).

      ” Plingelingeling, …. hier kommt der Eiermann, Plingelingeling… ! ” Not a word of “SS/ Wöllfchen” and his warcrimes, from Ludolph, or Lauer, Wallenbergs, by good, bloody good, reasons.
      7–14 July:
      The plot was now fully prepared. On 7 July 1944 General Stieff was to kill Hitler at a dis-play of new uniforms at Klessheim castle near Salzburg. However, Stieff felt unable to kill Hitler. Stauffenberg now decided to do both: to assassinate Hitler, wherever he was, and to manage the plot in Berlin.

      On 15 July Stauffenberg attended Hitler’s conferences carrying a bomb in his briefcase, but because the conspirators had decided that Heinrich Himmler and Hermann Göring should be killed simultaneously if the planned mobilisation of Operation Valkyrie was to have a chance to succeed, he held back at the last minute because Himmler was not present. In fact, it was unusual for Himmler to attend military conferences.
      15 July: Aborted attempt.
      By 15 July, when Stauffenberg again flew to the Wolfsschanze, this condition had been dropped. The plan was for Stauffenberg to plant the briefcase with the bomb in Hitler’s conference room with a timer running, excuse himself from the meeting, wait for the explosion, then fly back to Berlin and join the other plotters at the Bendlerblock. Oper-ation Valkyrie would be mobilised, the Reserve Army would take control of Germany and the other Nazi leaders would be arrested. Beck would be appointed provisional head of state, Goerdeler would be chancellor, and Witzleben would be commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

      Again on 15 July the attempt was called off at the last minute. Himmler and Göring were present, but Hitler was called out of the room at the last moment. Stauffenberg was able to intercept the bomb and prevent its discovery.

    4. ———————————————————————-
      ” We are going to open the Westfront ! ” And then go with all we got – to the East ! : Sweden was informed by the group, planning the Hitler-attempt.”

      This heading July 20, 1984,for an interview in the Sydsvenska dagbladet, 40 years after, the Rastenburg-detonation, 12.30, with the, then admiral Moje Östberg, 87, the Berlin navyattaché that knew and met Korvettenkapitän Alfred Kranzfelder, and Berthold von Stauffenberg, January 1944 in Stockholm, with Jakob Wallenberg. (This became probably his first and last interview, about his meetings with these historical persons and events. Östberg then passed away, the same year, November 13.) SDS / Interviewer: Ola Mårt-ensson/The Sydsvenska dagbladet July, 20, 1984.
      – –” Moje Östberg became the Swedish Navy attaché with his wife Marguerite´s supp-ort September 2, 1942. Borned 1897, he even served on a German ” Zerstörer”, 1931. Then in construction of the (Air)Cruiser Gotland, as artilleryofficer, C-i-C, on the obso-lete “dreadnoughts” as the Manligheten, Queen Victoria, and then Gotland again, then Navy Commander. The Defencestaff, and Navy attaché again in Washington/Ottawa.

      – – -” Östberg saw the Berlin-people with the “yellow stars”, and even when they dis-appear totally. A RAF (?) blockbuster could have done away with both Moje and Folke,(Count Bernadotte), visiting Berlin, but was a dud. The Count Stauffenberg July,20-load of 975 gram British Plastit W., was not… but in a way.

      He met Jakob Wallenberg,(November 1943/ Lejdtrafiken=Safe conduct/shipping) and the other diplomats, at Ribbentrops, the Auswärtige Amt (AA) and went into another room, the windows were blowed out, and he met the two German navy officers, specia-lists, of shipping, and international law, Alfred Kranzfelder and Berthold von Stauffen-berg. Östberg offered them some American cigarettes, they dared expressing some halfchoked anti-Nazi, opinions, and said the trade questions could be solved.(From 1942/ 1943 the whole Atlantic area to the shores of U.S., Iceland, the North sea and south to the Biscaya, was a German Navy “sperrgebiet”.
      (Other Swedish officials in action there, were: Lennart Nylander / UD-Berlin/ Ståhle-UD/Shipping, Von Post, Per Zethelius, and the Germans : Ritter, Leitner, Scherpenberg.)
      (By the way, Östberg used to threat his German counterparts: – No Skagerack traffic ? – no Scotish Whiskey ! from the Berlin-legation. But Östberg had met Kranzfelder before,(**during the war/tradenegotiations) he visited him at home, but claimed that Kranz-felder introduced him for a go-between, called ” Dr Gegner”, but Östberg didn´t revea-led his real name, not even then, 1984. (But Erik Carlsson/ Dissertion doubts that infor-mation, from July, but suggests anyway later, the names of Wladimir von Kaulbars in (in German service) contacts with Admiral Canaris/Abwehr, the latter then staying in Ber-lin. (Östberg left Berlin in september 1944.)
      SIX AND WERTH : STOCKHOLM JULY 8-15: 1944:
      8-15 juli AA/Alexander Werth and SS/AA/ Franz Six arrived to Stockholm, perhaps a soundering to the Soviets, due to SOE(+OSS) that von Trott(AA) sought (in June) to send “another man” to Stockholm, what could be Werth.An old school friend of von Trott. Because von Trott was “burned”, as even the Swedish press gave his name in peace sounderings business, in the spring 1944.

      Such a Soviet contact is not confirmed, by any other sources, or that Claus Stauffenberg, should have recommended such move. (SS/ Franz Six, a “dangerous nazi, former Ein-satzkommandoleader, in Russia, and the one charged with taking Ek.-“care” of Church-ill, Eden,Shaw, in London, and others if the “Operation” Sealion had been launched, 1940.)
      One of the first days in July, Östberg anyway met this s.c. “Dr Gegner”, telling him that: – ” An attempt against the Führer was imminent, and then the Westfront should be open-ed for the Western forces to advance as far they wished, and then the Germans should concentrate all their offensive strenght to the East, and against the Red army.” “Dos´ guys´,” that just had smashed the Armygroup Center,(300.000 casualities, worse than Stalingrad) the rest those days parading as POWs in a sunny hot Moscow, with mocking grins, as usual in the cameras, July 17,1944, direction:; Eastward.
      RICHERT TO BOHEMAN / UD: JULY, 16: 1944
      But Östberg travelled then soon back to Sweden, he didn´t wrote it down, of security reasons, but reported to his superior, the minister Arvid Richert. July 16, Richert reports to UD/Erik Boheman, ” a German civilian told Moje Östberg about the coming attempt. Richert banked on a main upheavel. But when did Östberg left Berlin ? Before Raoul arrived July, 7? With the same aircraft July 7 or next day ?
      Back in Stockholm, Östberg did one last try, to have his Navy colleagues listen for his dramatic information. He invited July 20, the Admiral Marc Giron,(1885-1970), the Navy´s Commandexpedition, (decorated with the: German Eagle order, The Finnish Freedom Cross 1cl.+ 2 cl. w.sword),the colonel (mil. intelligence) Curt Kempff, together with navy captain, (1941) Torsten Elmer. (b.09.) 1941, who had assisted Östberg before in Berlin.

      Curt Kempff arrived 15 minutes too early, saying : – “You was right ! ” The attempt has been done ! Then they heard about the attempt, when Hitler, appeared in a radiospeech, just after midnight, Juli 21, shaky, but alive. (The printed SDS-interview is somewhat hard to understand, concerning the points of time, printing error ? but July 22, must be July, 20.)
      An important point here, must come from the Erik Carlsson dissertion about the German
      Widerstand´s contacts in Sweden:

      There was some contact July 22,1944, in Stockholm between Erwin Planck, and Jakob Wallenberg, due to Eric Carlsson, in cover of an ordinary bankdeal. Then the military conference July, 20, hosted by captain Moje Östberg, Stockholm,with Marc Giron, Curt Kempff, Torsten Elmén, when Östberg tried to convince his colleagues that the attempt was imminent. Well many important meetings the same critical time.

      The two Germans, Staatssekretär Erwin Planck, and Rudolf Siedersleben send a telegram till Jakob Wallenberg 6 juli: – “Can Jakob Wallenberg receive Staatssekretär Erwin Planck July 20 and Generalconsul Siedersleben. Planck ,arrested July 23 1944, was member of the Widerstand, employed in the same: Firma Otto Wolff (armaments) as Siedersleben, (Son of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Max Planck)

      (www/ : – – In 1940, Planck, Popitz, Ulrich von Hassell and Ludwig Beck drafted a “Prov-isional Constitution” on the assumption that the West’s forthcoming attack would over-throw Hitler. Even afterwards, Planck vainly stayed in the resistance against the régime and was involved in the July 20 plot. This led to his arrest on 23 July 1944, after which he was taken to the Gestapo’s Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA). Executed in January 23,1945.)

      But Jakob was on his summer leave, then in early July, and returns first, August,7. Jakob left Stockholm from July 10, but answerered anyway, he could be present, July 22. Sied-ersleben returned July 7: – A Meeting before August 7, or during the late part of July ? Jakob´s answer : O.K . !

      Then early July, 22, Planck, and Rudolf Siedersleben confirmed July 10, July 22. Jakob has later confirmed it was about Widerstand (in Dulles/ source.EC.Diss.) and not an ord-inary bankservice. Siedersleben arrived August, 22, by that it was explicit, he was not suspected of complicity, he could then give Jakob information of the last developments, in Germany.

      www:/ But Generalkonsul Rudolf Siedersleben,(b.94.) was man. director, in Firma Otto Wolff in Köln, from 1934, a company, very important, in the Third Reich, armament efforts. When Wolff died, 1940, Siedersleben took part in ” Arieriserung”, and “Raub-gold.” He distanced himself from Erwin Planck after his arrest by Gestapo, July, 22, 1944.

      (The German editor Gotthold Müller met Jakob Wallenberg June 10, but Jakob didn´t support any suggestion, of possible Allied interest, of surrender talks, a message Müller gave Carl Goerdeler, June, 20, the latter stand firm in the Widerstands plot and attempt planning. )
      Important here could be:

      (1.) The contacts between Jakob Wallenberg and the Widerstand/Goerdeler,Kranzfelder/ Stauffenberg are for a long period confirmed, and Sweden was the most important, of the Widerstand´s foreign hubs.(But Wallenbergs and the Christian Sigtuna-group was not in special contact, it seems.)

      (2.) Raoul met Jakob, a few times in the beginning of June 1944, @ the Enskilda banken, all kinds of information could have been shared, even about the WRB-mission.

      (3.) But could Raoul have met Moje Östberg, in Sweden early July, or @ the Tempelhof airport July 7, or @ the Swedish legation, July, 8 ?
      PETER WALLENBERG : (1926-2015):
      (By the way, Peter Wallenberg, son of Marcus Jr, (b.26.) died in January, 2015. The funer-al was honored from all in the Swedish elite, worth mention. Some papers claim that Peter took the secrets, about Raoul´s fate with him in the grave, February,4. He even in secret approved a 1 billion(SEK)= 100 million € pension agreement for the man.dir, ABB, Percy Barnevik, and then denied that deal. Scholars claimed that Raoul was aban-doned by the Wallenbergs, facing other more threatening postwar problems. But Peter earlier claimed that the Wallenberg family, could not search for Raoul, postwar, because the government was not consent, and against to accept such a move.
      But as Raoul took off for Berlin/ Budapest, from Bromma airport, already July 7, stay next day, arrived 9 July, in time,to Budapest, in place for all possible developments concerning the attempt, and send his telegram July 22 to Meropa, as his info-hub of about separate surrender talks.

      (As he visited Hungary, September 3 – October,10, 1943, during the British-Hungary surrender sounderings, in Turkey, described as a businesstrip, Toledo Steel, or a cover, recommended of Jakob Wallenberg, Erik Björklund,Sven Salén for the Hungarian staying permit.) (signed by the Swedish diplomat/UD, the baron Ove Ramel,September 3, 1943.)

      Of course his trip, 1944 was connected to the WRB-mission,Iver Olsen,but that was not official, only Raoul´s Swedish diplomatic assignment, of June 30, through Erik Boheman. That was later questioned,though the decision was not taken in a cabinet meeting (kon-selj) as usual, and he got no personal dossier, as official diplomats use to. As a mean of deniability space ? Short of time ? Even Per Anger accepted missions for the WRB/ Olsen, not compatible with his national diplomatic mission´s immunity, late in August.

      Sweden/UD and U.S. legation seemed, were on the diplomatic downgrade slippery slo-pes, only from this, operations. Not to mention the Swedish names here, @ the Berlin-legation, in contact with Kranzfelder, could easily have been arrested, as the “Warzaw-Swedes”, 1942, and held as hostages.

      Dangerous connections, no doubt, concerning, the international law,(the Berlin-legation) the Allieds combined agreed warefforts, the ” unconditional surrender” and the July 20-attempt,where Jakob Wallenberg could have used Raoul as “coordinator/go-bet-ween” in-place.

      Such capacities, much of what the German Widerstand lacked, due to Carlsson´s diss., as even the preparing for fast changing situations in Germany. Strange is, that Raoul, never mentioned the July 20-attempt, explicit, in his cables/reports, (what is known) perhaps of good reasons, and even the official investigation refuses special interest..
      (Arvid Richert served the Nazis as well, as he did not the defend Swedish seamen crews, what some times, was caught by Gestapo, in German harbors, for expressing some anti-nazi statement, or helping of French or Russian POWs and the forced workers, with food, of humanity, and then were convicted, jailed, in German labor camps, what was not that healthy.

      Swedish seamen, were sometimes used by the German leftist refugees “widerstand” from Sweden, and a union´s list of names, was even confiscated, during the ” SS/Himm-le´s Swedish police raid”, against the Communist party (SKP), June 4, 1941, in Stock- holm.

      June 1,1940 -Februari 1941, 150 steamers (s/s) and 250 motorships (m/s.) arrived at the Stettin harbor, with a crew of 4.000-5.000.The Swedish political behaviour in Ger-man ports, wasn´t appreciated by Gestapo, and little time could be spent in the ports. The Swedes often expressed an hostile attitude for the Third Reich.

      Then Richert suggest sanctions against the crews, in a letter describing the compliants, “with pleasure, enjoyment”. In a secret pro memoria, 8 pages he proposed: (Source : Kom.Koll. HA/ FIbb/51C15.)

      1. Register/report that exclude the seaman from the union, and in the profession in the
      future, after repeated incidents i German ports.
      2. General ban (with German authorities), to leave their ships, after dark.
      3. When i ports, no salary should be paid out.
      4. Increased possibility of the sea captains disciplinary rights against the crews.
      5. Information from the Union,about less drinking, and more correct behaviour,
      including not to take part in political discussions.

      The main problem: Swedish solidarity with Polish and Russian POWs, in loading/unload-ing cargo for the Ships. The German superiors, guards were very brutal, not Gestapo/SS guards, or the army, but civilian, hiwis, Volkstürm (as in Norway or elsewhere), and cre-ated conflicts, The prisoners hungry, lived like animals. The brutality,and manhandle, could not be stopped, but they gave them some pieces of food, bread/potaoes.

      This was a crime, and the Germans reacted very extreme. The slave worker, taken away, and the seaman,blowed up. Things became worse for the German civilians, and then even the POWs. But better situation, here than in other German Pow camps, where peo-ple / Russians starved to death in millions.

      Many of the seaman carried usual sympathies for the left, then, since the Civil war in Spain, 1936-39, many seamen took part. But strange that this seamans protests, wasn´t appreciated, in Sweden, compare to the editor Torgny Segerstedt in his daily paper GHT, was viewed as very brave, and civilcourage, but those seaman, meeting the Nazis evil on a daily basis, was treated as scum, and bad representants for Sweden, and in many times were jailed by the nazis, not protected.

      In the spring 1944,there were 11 seaman in prison, seven was convicted, 4 were in pro-cess. Accused of:helping slaveworkers with food, or helping POWs escape on board, anti-nazi expressions, or the against the ban to visit land. Some suffered death penalty, but never executed. This prisoners was very critical, after their release, the Swedish leg-ation didn´t helped them, but was insubordinated through the nazis authorities. They were later not assisted then in Sweden in spite, of very bad psychic and physical health.
      A seaman, Conny Landelius was arrested by Gestapo in June 1943, when trying to help an Estonian forced worker , to escape and convicted to 9 month hard labor in a guarded camp, outside Stettin, reminding of a KZ-camp, 10-12 hours work, (Stargard/Jobstrasse 105) repairing bombed railways, bad food, no warm clothes, brutal guards, dirt. He lost 20 kg of bodyweight.

      The Swedish consular authorities didn´t help him, in spite of his contacts. February 27 1944 the consul asked the prisondirector, if Landelius “could have not so heavy job”, and ” hope you can stand that” but they could send “him stocks, and a T-shirt”, if you have permission to receive this “.

      When he was released no one helped him, he took a train to Stettin,visited the consulat, but they most despised him. Lucky , a Swedish ship, should leave, but he was unable to work, the crew collected some money for him, for his hometicket, from Oxelösund /Norrköping. /Dagens Nyheter 1944/ Then no rescuing Wallenberg was in sight,seamen was not that “important”, for the hypocritical saint, Sweden, during her “arrangements”, for the coming postwar times with the Allies. / Source: Krigsmalmens offer :en bok om järnmalmstrafiken till Tyskland under andra världskriget och en försenad hyllning till svenska sjöfolket / Lundberg, Lennart(1993) (=The War ironore and its victims)
      Richert didn´t care, much for those keeping Sweden with important German goods, as coal, but supported and suggested himself, special Nazi punishments for Swedish crews. Richert only gave his parties/dinners for the upper-class´s diplomats, as Raoul Wallenberg, Lagergrens, Nazis and attaché officers, in his Berlin quarters, it seems, in the growing heaps of rubble, where even a female Gestapo-spy, (Bartel) quite free, could operate up to May 1945.
      The legationpriest Perwe was probably shot out from the skies by German Navy-flak, November 29, 1944 in the Lufthansa-liner Condor, trafficking Sweden Bulltofta-Bromma perhaps accused of the same trading of Jews against Gestapo-“leuten”, 5 to 3, what it seems, but even charged (of some sources) with carrying a comprehensive surrender document, from the Wehrmacht, and civil society, to Sweden, and to land first in Stock-holm/Bromma.

      (But if the Widerstand could arrange bomb sabotage,why not Gestapo,Sicherheitsdienst /SD ?) (Some observations from the crash moment, could be interpreted, not as “flak-hits.(“ball of fire”) (Perhaps the same predicament as Raoul.) But the “Bombpriest”, beca-me not an object for an Swedish process like Wallenberg.The wreck was never found, but the victims, recovered, outside Falsterbo.

      One could here add, follow me, and turn some new stones around: admiral Marc Giron, (1885-1970) was no doubt a pro-German Navy officer, and his son, Marc, (1919-1979, career diplomat) became 1944,first attaché @ the Foreign office/Stockholm, then atta-chéd to @ the Swedish Berlin-legation,1944-1945. (Unknown dates)

      (Moje Östberg was decorated as Giron for some services in the duty, done to the Axis´s powers Germany and Finland. The German Eagle order, The Finnish Freedom Cross 4 cl. w.sword). Pro-German ? They didn´t hesitate from wearing the Axis´s German-Finnish decorations, even the “sword” ones.

      Östberg could have served in the same time, as the Lagergrens couple, (minister Arvid Richert) then and been in contact with Raoul, arriving July 7, leaving next day, 8. (did Raoul met Moje Östberg ? When did Östberg left Berlin for Stockholm? But such relations are anyway not confirmed, just the presence and the possible orientation in a critical period. Perhaps Östberg met Wallenberg, @Tempelhof, took the same plane back, July 7. Not quite out of question.

      (That´s what was happened with Erik Perwe and Nils Ankarcrona/UD-courier/C-bureau November 29, urging for a seat, because of a “bridgeparty” waiting in Stockholm.)

      As Torsten Brandel, (b.12) (mentioned by me during the fall of 1944, surrender talks, with Stockholm), was there, in Berlin, legationsecretary, and reserveofficer lieutentant @ Raoul´s regiment, as Per Anger. (Inf.1).Well, this was a more comprehensive study of the Wallenbergs possible contacts, with people, wellinformed about the Hitler-plot,and pos-sible liasion/observation missions, during July 1944.
      Nationalkommittee Freies Deutschland, recruited from the Stalingrad 6th Army, German POWs, was anyway for a long time 1943-44, the only, most visual and important sign of resistance, containing warexperienced Wehrmacht officers. Compared to the secret “Stealth” Widerstand in Germany.

      Perhaps even as one of Stalin´s move to put pressure within the Allies, to launch a 2nd front, the Operation Overlord, 1944.
      Craig McKay (in From information to…) claims that the Finnish intelligence cryptanalysts got some clue of the “D-Day”, as intercepting ” some cables, naming a “Ira Hirschman” often occurred in nonpriority telegrams ” , identified as someone distributing impor-tant medicin to American troops, as the telegrams consisted of long lists of medicines ”

      May 30, 1944 they began studying a ” Ira Hirschmann” telegram, he would possibly be in Europe on June 6, and that ” he is coming with overload”. The Finns suspected this was in fact the word ” overlord”, but because of Finland´s dire situation in the war, this information must be kept strictly witin the secret service, and not be reported to the Germans.

      But soon the Finns were buzy with something, their intelligence instead missed totally ! The Red army´s 30 divisions roaring all-out offensive (audible in S:t Mikkeli/150 km:s) from Leningrad to Viborg, 9-20 June, on the Carelian Isthmus, what kicked the reluc-tant Finland out of the war. For us : Ira Hirschmann was the first of WRB´s five emiss-aries, 1944, (stationed in Turkey), together with Raoul Wallenberg.
      Earlier in June, the Swedish C-bureau, Carl Petersén had arranged a secret Stay-Behind, operation, for Finland, sending 200 radiostations there. June 18, Petersén visited Finland to organize the transport of the Finnish intelligence section, (incl. relatives 700 persons) the “Stella Polaris”-operation, to Sweden September 22, 1944.

      There are some indications (Jan Bergman 2014), that Raoul Wallenberg was a C-bureau agent, through the Ternberg brothers. Raoul´s personal profile suited no doubt well into Carl Petersen´s recruitment patterns,as we know them. Mentioned in the “Bari-tele-gram”, with “captain Thernberg” November 7, 1944. (From another Allied Italian base Caserta, then, 1945 the SS-General/Karl Wolff´s secret surrender sounderings was “ad-ministrated”, by the Allies)

      These comprehensive Finnish-Swedish operations, on both side of the Baltic sea, 1944 and later the disclosure of Iver Olsen´s Swedish-American C-bureau/transports of nat-ionals from Estonia/Latvia, in published October 17, couldn´t have been an advantage in the Wallenberg case, from January, 1945.

      Perhaps the July 20-attempt was a desperate unrealistic move, in the German tradition of violence, (and not successful upheavels) causing unnecessary casualities, (5.000) not worth the sufferings and the nonexistant result, like the Warzaw uprising, the following month.

    5. ————————————————————————
      Here I will present not before highlighted facts and questions not answered in the Wall-enberg case. From back home in Sweden, the fall of 1941, and then in Budapest 1944. This information connect Wallenberg and Meropa AB deeper with both Hungary, in trading relations, 1941, and probably the U.S.legation in Stockholm.

      Further “unknown” Gestapo/SS-contacts in Budapest,(Otto Braun) embedded in the Mer-opa´s Hungarian tradingpartners. “Hangya” (=Ant) (cooperatives). (I must divide this huge text in two parts, but there are in fact, explicit clear connections.)
      The most remarkable instruction went from Edward Stettinius U.S. Foreign minister (1944-45) till Iver Olsen, August 3, deemed original and hard to interpret. Raoul Wall-enberg is going to contact a, “Felix Szentirmay” in Budapest :

      ” – – -and orally tell him, that through a friend in Los Angeles, Wallenberg has heard from Eugene Bogdanffy, whom Wallenberg does not (repeat not) know. As a means of verifying his statement as to the message, Wallenberg should refer to the following pro-perty held by Szentirmay: Bogdanffy´s ruby cuff links and pocket watch. Mrs Bogdanffy´s fur coat, gold bracelet, and brosch with green stones. Wallenberg should also exp-ress Bogdanffy´s concern for Miki´s wellbeing. “- – –

      – – -” Wallenberg should tell Szentirmay, that Bogdanffy expects that Szentirmay will be asked to go to Switzerland, soon and suggests that he apply for a visa immediately. Bogdanffy wants Szentirmay to be sure that when he goes to Switzerland he has his fingertips the cash position of all enterprises. Szentirmay must of course treat this message with the highest confidence. Szentirmay should not (repeat not) be advised by Wallenberg of the reasons why he is asked to go to Switzerland, referred to below, or of the Board´s interests in this matter.(WRB no. cable 65)- – –
      The Swedish official SOU-investigation, and the personal biographer Ingrid Carlberg, claims the purpose was to call Szentirmay to a meeting in Switzerland, only dealing with some problems with “his financial business.”

      – – -But WRB continues: ” And that the purpose of the project is to secure adequate resources of pengös against blocked francs or dollars and to have Szentirmay undertake secure cooperation of individual(!) named in paragraph three of Departments (cable) 1426 of July 17.” – – – (*** That individual was Otto BRAUN, the naziagent / source J. Bierman)
      “- – – This message contained in WRB (Dep. (cable) 1550 August 3, will be delivered personally, to Wallenberg by First secretary of the Swedish legation in Budapest (*** =Per Anger) who temporarily is here, and will return to Budapest in about a week.It was not considered advisable to request the Swedish Foreign office, to transmit message of this nature.- – – (WRB no. cable 74).(From H. Johnson/U.S. Legation.)
      The biographer Ingrid Carlberg share the same unsuspected opinion,as SOU, all which make this telegram mystifying. But probably there is an answer, if some took care of reading the telegram no. 1426. The whole story can be explained by reading ( http://www.-fdrlibrary. resources/images/wrb/wrb1433.pdf), the Eugen Bogdanffy file.

      Why must Per Anger deliver the telegram, to Wallenberg, late August, a private mission executed by the U.S.legation in Stockholm, but outside the diplomat Anger´s plight only representing his employer, the Foreign Ministry/UD. But like Wallenberg, Anger seemed to had two employees, US/WRB and UD. (***Per Anger didn´t mention this service in his memoirs, 1979.)
      – – -” Eugene Bogdanffy and Otto Braun were said to been taken control of huge parts of goods what the fleeing Polish Army 1939, 140.000 men, left in Hungary. They sold the spoils to Germany, foodstuff, munition. etc., and divided the revenues. (Hungary permitted the Poles to take refuge, but let the big part later leave, and join the General W. Anders Polish army, in Russia, what then moving to the Middle East, the Fall of 1942, just before Stalingrad.)
      In the WRB/www.1433.pdf-file, the Eugene (Jenö) Bogdanffy file, you find more infor-mation, concerning the WRB`s operations in July-September, 1944, involving Eugen Bogdanffy and Otto Braun, a Gestapo-section leader in Budapest, under cover of a Ger-man-Hungarian business cooperative combinate ” Hangya”, since 1930s.

      (But “Hangya”(=Ant) was in fact, the big Hungarian cooperative movement, since 1904, for consumers, in the working class/farmers, export/import, a movement, common all over Europe, (especially in Sweden.)

      Otto Braun´s involvement here, is hard to describe, but even the U.S. department pub-lished a report 1944, of all European cooperatives, even the Hangya (1941 figures), as good means to rebuild Europe postwar. Still during president Roosevelt, a “New Deal”-attitude, seems then to rule in U.S. But the cooperative movements, could from the general Right perspective, threaten the private business, not the least discussed in Sweden post-war “commandeconomy ” or not, discussions.
      ( Florence Evelyn Parker/Helen I. Cowan: (Monthly Labor Review/ U.S.Bureau of Labor statistics 1944) : Cooperative associations in Europe and their possibilities for post-war reconstruction (** A very surpricing, comprehensive – report about the European coope-ratives, as Hangya.)
      So if and how, Otto Braun, well embedded, protected (suspected for complicity in the Erzberger murder, 1923 /perhaps relative to G. Gömbös, with Schwabian mother) in the Hungarian society, since 1930s, could influence the “Hangya” business, export/import of much needed goods, that originate, primary from the OSS/X2-sources, but is even mentioned 1945 June, in a Hungarian newspaper, (below) together with, Eugene (Jenö) Bogdanffy, and Felix Szentirmay, and the late minister Gyöla Gömbös.
      Source: Attila Lajos /” Braun operated an agentnetwork in Hungary, since 1940. This was testified by Veesenmayer. November 7, 1945. By Maria. Ember. p.68. /ft 199 ” One of the most important agents i Budapest.”
      ( ** By the way, did Otto Braun, perhaps knew Hermann GROSHEIM-KRISKO ? Another businessmen, but in the Deutsche Wirtschaftsorganisation in Hungary, Budapest, emp-loyed @ the Swedish legation from August 1944.
      It started with a cable from Eugene Bogdanffy to Henry Morgenthau, U.S/Secretary of Treasury, with special attention to Mr Pehle, WRB, July 14, 1944, with a “business-minded” proposal to save the Hungarian Jews in Budapest. A meeting took place July 20, between Eugene Bogdanffy and Mr Pehle and Lesser, from the leading WRB-staff.
      Perhaps it started earlier out from a short notice in the Swedish paper, the Dagens Nyheter, June 29,1944. This information was catched by Iver Olsen, and translated, and was forwarded to WRB in U.S, July 11. But can Raoul Wallenberg have seen it, the day it was published ? That´s possible, but he was not allowed to be informed of Felix Szen-tirmay´s contact in Budapest, the Nazi official, Gestapo, businessman, Otto Braun. Wallenberg arrived July, 9 1944 to Budapest. (June 12, Olsen lunched with, Wallenberg)
      Due to S:t Galler Tagesblatt article qouted in DN: -” Otto Braun, one of Erzberger´s murderers, decides over all political arrests in Hungary, and decides who should be jailed or deported to Germany. Otto Braun is a relative with the late Hungarian presid-ent, Gyöla Gömbös, (-1936) the main responible for Hungary´s situation today.

      The Hungarian governments performance, are far worse than the Romanians and the Slovaks. But most Hungarian condemned the persecutions of the Jews, and by that the Hungarians convicted of helping Jews, grows. The one responsible for the persecutions, is the secretary of state, Lazlo, known as a extreme antisemite.”- – -reporter C-A. B. DN/(Berne)
      This information Iver Olsen translated and dispatched to WRB in U.S., July 11. 1944
      Source: WRB´s own Protocol: – – -Eugene Bogdanffy arrived at US 1941, Hungarian, there man.dir. for an industry, (1933+) exporting foods to Germany, together with Otto Braun, a nazi, implicated in the Erzberger-murder, from München, archnazi since the Bier Hall Putsch, and in Hungary use his business, as cover for his nazi-activities. His mission, to influence Hungarians to show loyalty for Germany,(or bepunished/deported) as mr Imredy in the “Braun-clique.”- – –

      – – -Braun could be bribed, he was clever, and Bogdanffy had already been able to rele-ase old Jewish business friends and kept his promises. Braun knew Veesenmayr, the German plenipotentiary power,- and before he Veesenmayr was secretary when Bogdan- ffy and Braun made business. Braun knew many Hungarians, in power, and those, being fired. Bogdanffy thought Braun could be bribed, or made pressure against, he had wife, and a little child, then outside Vienna in the countryside.- – – /LESSER/WRB (*** If this WRB-information were true, can´t be verified)
      WRB: DATES JULY, 1944:
      July, 24: Chauncey L Waddell: to Morgenthau/ with Arthur Sulzberger,
      confirms Ernö Wittman:(lawyer, but with nazi-connections)

      July, 25 : Morgenthau confirms Waddell: Approved of Morgenthau:

      July, 26: J.W. Pehle: to Morgenthau : Send Bogdanffy to Lisboa, send Szentimayr to
      Union bank Zürich to release as much pengös as possible, trough the banker

      July,27: J.W. Pehle : confirms to Morgenthau / Long contact with Ernö Wittman:
      Bogdanffy can go to Lisboa,and then have a contact, Szentirmayr contact UBS,
      Schäfer, and he can arrange as much pengö (money) what´s needed. Bogdanffy
      does´nt believe in the WRB´s proposal to contact Braun, direct through a
      WRB : AUGUST :1944:
      August, 2: Telegram : To Herschel Johnson och Iver Olsen. (Stockholm U.S. legation)
      August, 3: Telegram : To Wallenberg, (but Anger private secret courier)

      August, 3: McClelland from Stettinius : Saly Mayer (Jewish Joint i Switzerland will
      contact Schäfer: Probably borned 1905,= “Dr. Alfred Schaefer, 60, chief of
      the Union Bank of Switzerland” (UBS) a bank implicated in the stolen gold
      business.(Postwar man.dir.)

      August, 3: Telegramcensorship/control (US) of Bogdanffy

      August, 3: From Stettinius to US legation in Berne: Contact Alfred Schäfer in Zürich,
      Saly Mayer from Jewish Joint will contact him, who will get access to
      pengös, against francs and dollars. Felix Szentirmay should be met as Jenö
      Bogdanffy´s representant. ”

      August,7: OSS /X2: “Braun knew Sztotaj och Gömbös.”

      August,19: Johnson to SD: The telegram will be forwarded by Per Anger/UD to

      August,22: OSS/X2: Braun Gestapo lives in Hotel Astoria or in Mount Schwab outside

      August,23: Harrison/ Berne : Schäfer is OK: but called to military service September
      August,19: Lesser to Bogdanffy. No news.
      September, 25: Lesser to Harisson/U.S leg. Berne: Please endeavor to carry out
      WRB ´s no 108/Wallenberg instruction in Zürich.
      October 6: Nothing new, Lesser to Bogdanffy.

      My Hungarian needs a brush-up, but translated word by word: – – A Hungarian movie-maker, Pasztor, Bela observed Felix Szentirmay in the Budapest street, (June 1945) and called the police, accusing him of being business partner to Otto Braun, suspected mur-derer of Matthias Erzberger, 1921. The article mentions: Felix Szentirmay-Schmiedl, Hermann Göring, Ference Rajniss, Bogdanffy, Gyöla Gömbös, “Hangya” Transdanubia Co, not that honourable men, in what seems not that, honourable contexts. – – – (But the exact meaning, I can´t confirm, now.) (www)
      But Felix Szentirmay (Schmiedler?) is in a biography about Veesenmayr, (in Allgemeine SS) described as ” Deutsch-freundlich” industrialist. / Source : Edmund Veesenmayr : Agent und Diplomat der Nationalsozialistischen Expansionspolitik/ I.P. Matic (2002) Veesenmayr visited Hungary the fall of 1943, and met Hungarian Vip´s, (as Felix S.) to inform himself and Hitler, about the need of a German invasion,when and how, later. He worked under cover of representant for the German AEG company.(for what Sweden delivered mica mineral during the war.)
      Felix Bornemisza /Schmidt) (b. 95) was probably a navy (pilot) officer, friend of Admiral Horthy, since 1919, Jew, and had business relations with Sven Salén. He was a good contact for Raoul Wallenberg, with access to Horthy. Was brought to Mauthausen. (d.1969 in Budapest.)
      But the development and purpose of this initial WRB-negotiations, don´t seem to be clarified by the Swedish historians, as Ingrid Carlberg, as late as 2012, although John Bierman, as early as 1995, mentioned Otto Braun in his Wallenberg-biography, (a thin-ner but earlier, version it seems of Carlberg´s deep study, 17 years later.) Even the Swedish historian (professor in intelligence science), Vilhelm Agrell, discuss this WRB-action, in his book about Wallenberg. Agrell calls the OSS-service amateurish !

      Otto Braun was the person, Felix Szentirmay should contact, through the unknowing Wallenberg July,1944, and Braun was to be told, to take a trip to Lisboa, and negotia-ted/be bribed in a Jews-for-sale deal. Bogdanffy was the key contact in U.S., as Ernö Wittman, lawyer, with some nazi contacts.)

      How this adventure developed is unknown, it seems, probably Wallenberg instead took contact with Kurt Becher/SS in Budapest. The problem is that Wallenberg could have been from start, severely compromised in the mystifying: ” Braun operation”, cable.

      But as strange, due to Attila Lajos from Raoul´s Budapest-diary: ” – He met probably Otto Braun, from start , July 15, and then July 25 and 26. This informations contradicts each other, of course ?

      (July , 22, 15.15 a´clock Wallenberg sent a telegram to Meropa in Stockholm about the rumours of separate capitulation.
      It seems as V. Agrell puts it, an unprofessional “quick fix” operation, from the U.S.lega-tion and Iver Olsen, similar to the Baltic states rescue transports, revealed in October, 17 1944.( in what Olsen showed a far greater interest in his WRB- reports, unknown why….)
      But what could then not have been the result in meeting Otto Braun? Did Braun send him to SS/Kurt Becher ?
      Tight business connections with Hungary, was anyway the main activities, according to the Meropa AB, wartrade . Wallenberg seemed to see the world from most a business-perspective. Don´t mention “Oberregierungsrat Felix Bornemisza (Schmidt),(1895-1969) Jew, old brother-in-arms with M.Horthy, since 1919, navyofficer, doing business with Sven Salén /Per Anger, in shipping/shipbuilding on the Danube,1942. Even Wallenberg´s Hungarian network was no doubt very comprehensive, from start.

      But why appears Raoul as the most interesting person for the NKVD ? Or a scapegoat for the whole pronounced pro-German,Swedish legation ?

      Maybe U.S.,(and Sweden) sacrified Raoul Wallenberg, out from then common national security interests, not to reveal secret cooperation, endangering their relations with the Soviet Union, the main contributor to the coming defeat of both Germany in May and Japan in August, 1945, relations both nations couldn´t afford at any price, to be dest-royed. Why couldn´t U.S., swap or bribe Wallenberg free from Moscow ?That´s an enig-ma, unusual in the business, not to taking care of “ones own” agents.
      (1.) What happened really with the WRB-instruction (Bogdanffy) delivered by Per Anger in secret, to Wallenberg, late August, 1944, and did Raoul instead met Otto Braun, in person,in July, from his own initiative, due to Attila Lajos ? Both concealed informations, of the “official” WRB instruction, Per Anger´s role, and a “contradiction” of Raoul´s early moves in Budapest. (** But information of Otto Braun´s post war, activities, if he survived, is hard to find. How come ? )

      (2.) Iver Olsen was a Department of Treasury-man, not popular, but more hated within the U.S.legation´s , career diplomats corps, seemed even to have been in deep con-flicts, with the charge´d´affairs (C. Ravndal) about their views of Sweden. A nation Olsen had no confidence in at all, it seems, 1944, (February) as a “main” German Allied, “short of direct military assistance”, and later about Sweden´s intransigence to solve the Allies war reparations demands “the Safe Haven”. The successor of Olsen 1945, J. Saxon, soon returned back home, to the Treasury, even he.

      But Olsen was no doubt assisted in his Baltic Operations, the Sepal bases, and the WRB programme. Probably this deep both internal and national conflicts U.S -Sweden, influ-enced the Wallenberg case, in its critical phase.
      (3.) This facts supports, or att least don´t contradict, the suggestions (by Jan Bergman 2014) that Meropa AB, was probably a “joint commercial business/intelligence venture”, between, the United States legation, the military intelligence the C-bureau, the Wall-enbergsphere, Sven Salén, Kalaman Lauer, and Raoul Wallenberg, from start, 1941, with very good contacts with the Hungarian ” Hangya”, and the German businessman Ludolf Christensen, in Germany, brother in law (1943) with the warcriminal SS-General / Ober-gruppenführer Karl Wolff, (Dulles contact in Operation Sunrise, 1945) in close contact with AA/Rudolf Rahn German minister in Italy, the Arrow Cross coup d´etat, German instigator, in Budapest, October 15, when Szalázi, took power.

    6. ————————————————————————–
      But in Germany the cooperative movement, as Hangya, were viewed as hostile to the Nazis, own organisations, and was suppressed from 1933, as working class strongholds and by 1942, the German Cooperation´s newspaper, was closed down,by the Deutsche Arbeitsfront´s (DAF) Robert Ley, the U.S. report of 1944, described.

      This could been the case of even the “Hangya”, that´s unknown, but that Lauer and Wal-lenberg, did probably much business with Hangya, is confirmed, and that Lauer/Meropa was an authorized proxy, of the Hangya, then address Blasieholmsgatan no. 3, ( www. source /a letter : Magyar Orzsagos Leveltar/Archive ) , Stockholm, October 1941, in sight of the Swedish export compensation Board (SUKAB), (dir. Hans Mott) Blasieholms-torg 11, where Wallenberg was an alleged frequent visitor.(* S. Berger)
      (** Parker/Cowan (Monthly Labor Review/U.S.Bureau of Labor statistics 1944) Coop-erative associations in Europe and their possibilities for post-war … Av Florence Evelyn Parker,Helen I. Cowan (A very comprehensive report about the European cooperatives.)
      But this was before the Meropa AB moved to Strandvägen no. 7a, as neighbor to U.S lega-tion. How long were they active there on the other side of the “Bay”, the Nybro-viken ? The Meropa´s telephonenumber: 11 96 35, fell between, to appear in the printing of the official telephone list, actual November,7 abonnents every year.

      Unknown where this “provisional” office was situated in the building with the address: Blasieholmsgatan no. 3. (still standing) . Due to C. McKay: Wallenberg signed Lauer´s apply, for resident permit, October,6 1941, entered the board, and became share-holder, in September. Was the Christensen-connection (since 1920s Hamburg, with Lauer) then in function, a, or one, important presumption ?

      Then in 1941, October, Meropa AB in some food business with the Hungarian legation, in the German occupied Norway, was under way, due to letters in www. Meropa AB even dealed with Hungarian gasolin “benzin”, for the Swedish Reservestorage Board, (Statens /Reservförrådsnämnden) and “bentonite”, a mineral clay, and Lauer was the business link, with Swedish customers, (Eggs/1943) as the Kooperativa Förbundet (KF), the Swe-dish “Hangya”.
      One doesn´t chose one´s neighbors, sure, but among AB Meropa´s neighbors, some of them, at Blasieholmsgatan 3, 1941, are worth anyway some contemplating, of historical reasons: (See them later in : Appendix.
      (But Nils Palme lived there, had an office, must had some contacts through major Allan Winge and Nils Palme, (uncle of Olof, and officer, took part in the shelling of Tampere 1918). Then 1938, to protect members of the Swedish Brigade in Finland, of 1918, (harassments as strike-breakers) with special deals with the labor central union, the LO, and Ragnar Casparsson.

      Could Raoul been in contact with this questions ? As he was a close friend of major Allan Winge/Nat.Homeguard. This out from the new approachment climate between the Soc-ialdemocrats (SAP) (The Unions/LO) and the big business, among the Wallenbergs, the SAF (employers) in the Saltsjöbaden-deal of 1938, the new collective contracts, peace obligation, negotiations,and no “wild” strikes, or strike-breaking.

      I´m here insinuating that Raoul could have played some role here, in the pre-war adap-tion between the Socialdemocrats and the big business Wallenbergs, since 1938. Post war 1945, the “Harvest of the Working class movement”, (as in Britain) and a more plan-ned, consumers economy, social security, housing, employment, and most of all, peace.

      I´m lacking the Socialdemocrat´s supposed, perhaps knowledge about Raoul, and his position, and claiming here, as for instance, AB Meropa´s business (eggs from Hung-ary/Hangya over Germany, through the Skandiatransport/Sassnitz) for the Kooperativa förbundet (KF), April 1943. This was the second delivery, for the KF. Was this business frequent, and could the Socialdemocrat´s KF, suppressed informations about this, rela-tions in this mess of fast war and perhaps shady business-deals, and postwar later wit-hin the government in the Wallenberg case ?

      (Although, the later iconic social democrat primeminister , Per Albin Hansson, leading the government since 1932, and later, with important other ministers, finance, defence, interior, in the war cabinet, there was still the Right´s hegemony, in the civil, but “Royal” Swedish society, of those days, in many ways, in the defence, the foreign ministry, education, the business world, not the least.
      A most important question here must anyway be: How could Kalaman Lauer in the leading position of the Meropa AB, avoid being registered in the German legations “blacklist” of Jews, their forced “Ariserung” ? Was it something with his Christensen relations ? (** As C. McKay questioned how Meropa AB could get of the hook, from the Allieds Trading with enemy , ” Proclaimed list ” ?)

      The German legation put codenames for all Swedish companies, with German business relations, Alkibiades,= Jew/Jewish influence, Akilles = non-Jewish influence. (A special case here: The Jewish lawyer Ivar Philipson had to leave his ownership, in the Wallin´s lawyers bureau, because his partner Carl Swartling, was a member of a German Swedish affiliation board. (see later below appendix.)

      That Kalaman Lauer couldn´t travel in Europe, Hungary, we know, but the question of “ariserung” seems not to have been clarified, by the investigators, in view of that Lauer
      managed the daily commercial decisions.
      Kalman Lauer´s , ” exportbusinessman”, first Swedish home adress in Stockholm seems to be: the Valhallavägen no. 174, from 1942. In the same house, address, no 174, lived mr GORDON KNOX U.S “legation secretary”, in Sweden from May 14, 1942, career dip-lomat, what coincides no doubt with the founding of the Meropa AB, the fall of 1941.
      (* Gordon Knox later moved to the address: Kommendörsgatan 32, before he left for U.S., 1946.)

      (But Knox arrived to Stockholm, from the interned U.S. Berlin-legation, 1942, so prob-ably not especially designed for alleged Meropa AB´s contacts. (* Gordon Knox were then assigned to the State department (SD) in U.S., three years, back home, from June 1946 to June * 1949, when he was assigned as 1st secretary in the U.S. Moscow emb-assy, not far away from the Ljubjanka prison.

      This facts supports the accusation (by Jan Bergman 2014) that Meropa AB, was probably a joint venture, between, the United States legation, the military intelligence the C-bur-eau, the Wallenbergsphere, Sven Salén and Raoul Wallenberg, from start, 1941, or be-came soon.
      Iver Olsen, Dep. of Treasury and Frederic Dowling U.S Commercial (see T. Pryser/Kai Holst-case) was not in the ordinary diplomatic career, and by that not listed in the: U.S. Foreign service list, but in the Swedish “Statskalendern”, probably because they were OSS/CIA agents, “spies”.

      Raoul Wallenberg seemed in a way to have the same relation, more U.S. agent, than Swedish diplomat. A “doer” like his mentor, Iver Olsen. And questioned in some of their native diplomatic circles, were both of them.

      The British SIS-agents are described as ” Sonnenkinder”, Children of the Sun, in early stages of the war, the intelligence services became havens for playboys, eccentrics, from British upper-class life, dandies, naifs and rogues, and was marked by (-1940) by app-alling inefficiency and a playboy unreality.” ,- – – but even provided room for tough Soviet moles like Kim Philby”./B.F. Smith 1983. (Raoul´s relative the painter Nils Dardel, is most known for his painting: The dying dandy.)

      This applied on the C-bureau, in main could be correct, and although Raoul was quite occupied with the Meropa business his obliged and volontary military services, then the Budapest mission, he and Torsten Akrell, Donald Bloomingdale,could in some ways be viewed as “Sonnenkinder”, Children of the Sun, from the upper-classes.

      (As Akrell “liberated” his drug addict, fianceé from a mental hospital, in Stockholm, 1947,October, disguised in a stolen doctors dress, raised weapon, and maltreated the nurses, one must be hospitalized, and then flown to Norway, without legal permissions passports, in his own aircraft. A “Bond” operation, but criminal. (as the claimings OSS/ Akrell should kidnap Göring, from Karinhall.)

      Perhaps both U.S. diplomats/attachés Joseph T. * Kloman, (1944) in the Lillehammer coup,and Frederic G. Dowling (1945) (U.S Commercial), is perhaps implicated , in the Kai Holst-case/T. Pryser. Dowling disappeared after their mission, and is not to be found in the U.S. Foreign Service List. Not even Iver Olsen.

      Attaché Donald Bloomingdale (21/8 1944), (career diplomat) (see my comment/2014 arrived during the Wallenberg´s mission, then left for the Paris U.S legation, 1946, and faded away some time 1950, by unknown probably social/health reasons. (But Donald must have had associations with the WRB-envoy, Ira Hirschmann, the man.dir, for the wellknown, Bloomingdale´s department store in NewYork.)
      Telegram To: Meropa AB : Att: Direktör Wallenberg: September 1, 1941 :
      /Livpaelsar /militära pälsar/ = military fur coats/

      The telegram goes: (forwarded and translated in German from probably the Hungarian legation/trade section.)

      “- – -Delivery by the Konfektionswerke Breitfeld and Hangya, due to official regulated prices, for Livpälsar (Fur coats) (85.65) (SEK). For each delivery of 2.000 pcs. If deliv-erance over 2.000 pcs,there maybe a higher price, if wages/transport changes. This offer should be presented, for Törsleff, Vasarhelyi and Lauer, and be answered by tele-gram.
      (This fur coats, “Livpälsar” stands for Swedish military fur (white/winter/sheep) coats, standard since 1909/13, but most wellknown from the Finnish/Russian Winterwar, of 1939/40, and the Swedish protection service,1939 -1945, during on cold winterguard.)

      But this special delivery in September 1941, if it was expedited, could have been the need of a battalion (2.000),perhaps a German one for the General Dietl´s 20th. Gebirgs-armée on the Soviet Murmanskfront. A deliverance got permission, 1942 for Dietl, (source /dissertation), but unknown of what goods.
      This fur coats could have been for: the Swedish army, or Finnish, so this is speculation, or were never produced. Sweden delivered anyway thousands of army tents for Dietl, then, (Russian POWs in dens of earth) and the Wehrmacht was permitted to store army supply materiel, in the Luleå city harbor,Karlsvik, 6.000 tons food,etc (up under the roof 6.000 slaughtered cattles/meat/200 tons of cheese) from 1940-45. 8.000 tons of hay. Coal, 140 tons of potatoes, liquor, wine, under command of the Wehrmacht lieu-tenant Walther Zindel,living in a house in Luleå, the Stationsgatan no. 46.

      When German ships arrived to Luleå, they took in return, iron ore cargo, but the traffic went in two directions. Supplies for the German army in Norway and Finland, was stored in Luleå, and fish from Norway to the “German people”, on the return, in the safe “bath-tube” of the Baltic sea, without risks for air, and navy/submarines attacks. (Where even the German navy submarine-schools excercised before leaving for the Allieds convoys, acting in the “Wolfpacks” in the North sea and the Atlantic.

      A special military hospital was opened in Älvsbyn, with Germans wounded from the Murmansk/Finnish fronts, later visited by the crownprince Gustaf Adolf. The Swedish patients were moved to the Garrison hospital in Boden. (Germany occupied half of Fin-land and some 30.000 sick/wounded German soldiers were transported, via Sweden with Swedish military male nurses, aiding, during the Barbarossa, 1941-44, crossing from the Finnish border, to Narvik in Norway. (10.000/year=30/day.

      Food was anyway one of Meropa´s biggest successes, but was Wehrmacht´s quarter-masters, customers ? Not far-fetched with Christensen´s German business activities. Probably an el dorado, for businessmen, of all kinds, to support and supply the Wehr-macht with goods during the whole war, when most things were rationed. ( Even the Eastern eggs- delivery for Meropa/KF , April 1943, was said to “end up in the Northern parts of Sweden”, but for Dietl ? Probably not.)

      (In Karlshäll, there was even a prisoner-of-war-camp, were Pows were “stored”, before they were fetched with boats, and taken to German ships anchored on the Stadsfjärden, then transported to Germany. Who were they ? I´ve never heard about this people,pows, jailed on Swedish territory, and then deported to Third Reich. (But probably not Soviet Pows, from Norway, those survived the forced labor, 1941-45, later lived in the camp, from May, 1945, before going to Russia.)

      Behind high barriers of strawbales the German stored even different kind of warmateriel, vehicles, weapons. A forced landed German aircraft, in Sangis, north, Luleå, at the main railroad, was taken by the SJ (Statens järnvägar) down to Luleå, and then on a German ship, bound for the Reich. This comprehensive supplybase “complex”, facts are not that known, in Sweden, the main Neutral, German WW2-“hinterland” , more than Switzer-land. (Source :Sten Losenberg:memoar/2013/ Sievert publ.)
      But if Meropa AB delivered goods for the German army, through Hungary´s cooper-atives, or for the Hungarian legation in German-occupied Norway, how could then Kala-man Lauer, a Jew, avoid being spotted, and registered, by the German legation in Swe-den ? The legation demanded ” Ariserung” of all the German commercial contacts in Sweden,as for instance if Swedish lawyers officials in German Swedish affiliations boards, was owned in part by Jewish lawyers, or influenced from Jews.(as Ivar Philipson)
      This important first, Eugene Bogdanffy, surpricing moves in the U.S. WRB´s Hungary/ Wallenberg mission, in July 1944, have not been enough investigated, but produces, not before highlighted,(or even published) some new facts about: Otto Braun and the Hung-arian cooperative´s “Hangya” :
      (1.) the WRB:s “quick fix” “modus operandi”, July 14, 1944, operating from reading Swedish newspapers, Hungarian Horthy U.S- refugees,(Bogdanffy) and the U.S., Olsen´s naive Baltic Operations,where the Estonians/Latvians, (and perhaps the C-buraeu) manipulated the WRB-purpose, by saving only nationals, no Jews were alive then to rescue,even the native perpetrators, and collaborators with Germany. But the Jews weren´t perhaps the most important objective for WRB ? Bad basic informations ?
      But WRB/OSS really needed an agent-in-place, for Budapest, where just one SOE-man stayed. But only some 300 km:s from Budapest, in German-occupied Yugoslavia, several British/ SOE and U.S./OSS missions were active, during the fall of 1944, parachuted from the Bari-base. Possible through Yugoslavia´s two main resistance movements, a quite
      different situation from Hungary.

      These are factors not mentioned in the Wallenberg-narrative, but with supporting acti-vities,(OSS) what contradicted the Allies common war goals, and policy.Reminding of the Wallenberg WRB/UD-mission, not enough subordinated, authorized of the higher polit-ical levels, and became by that hazardous. Not only, if Wallenberg was to join and be a liasion contact, with the well prepared OSS/Budapest City Team, that never became ope-rational, 1944/45 (* Gellert Kovacs/TV4), perhaps of this earlier developments in Yug-oslavia.
      But even new facts about the start of….
      (2.) the Meropa AB´s opening business operations, was directed from the Blasie-holmsgatan no. 3, Tel. 11 96 35, (after Raoul´s office @ Kungsgatan no. 30) during the fall, 1941, (maybe/maybe not, from the office of the Baltic Oil AB, a Wallenbergsphere enterprise, office, in the same building. The Baltiska Olje AB, was involved in the Esto-nian shale oil,exploration, where Raoul alleged was implicated, 1940/41. (S.Berger/ Stuck…)

      Then Meropa moved to the Strandvägen no. 7a, (perhaps at first vacancy opportunity) and integrated into the Sven Salén/Enskilda banken´s influence area, perhaps the same time U.S legation´s new minister H. Johnson, arrived, 1941, (October, 21) and the U.S entry in the War December, 7.

      The whole quarter, the Blasieholmen, with the Grand Hotel, The Strand Hotel, the Ger-man legation, the German Chamber of Commerce, around the corner close to the Navy station, Skeppsholmen, a hot spot, seldom experienced, before, for all kind of business /political activities, during WW2.
      (3.) Kalaman Lauer´s early and close contacts with the Hungarian cooperative move-ments business,” the Hangya” (=Ant), and perhaps the Swedish consumer´s cooper-ation, the Kooperativa förbundet (KF) at least the Spring 1943. (The “Eastern” Eggs deliv-ery). Could Lauer knew,the German agent in Budapest,Otto Braun, in the “Hangya”-bus-iness, in Hungary from an early stage ? Eggs was Christensen´s absolute basic product.

      Perhaps there were lots of business, between the “socialdemocrat´s” cooperation,(KF) then in a big phase of expansion, with industrial investments,for consumers, housing, petrolstations, name-it… and perhaps the KF was involved in a rubberfactory in Bulg-aria.

      Said that, because the socialdemocrats, were quite sympathetic to the German Op. Barb-arossa, through Finland´s army, 1941, (visited by Unions National Confederation (LO) staff, (August Lindberg Chairman/Richard Lindström edit., in October 1941, as far as the Russian city, Petrozavodsk, @ “” , ” what they found very poor, ” not that socialistic paradise” “only trash” , as the Russian Pows, but well suited for to smash, their deep ingrained hated, communist rivals 3% party (SKP) dream of a “socialistic par-adise” preferably “quelled at the source”, Moscow, by the German Wehrmacht, the LO´s journal, “Heavy Metal”, The Metalworker, wished.

      A proof, the wellknown periodical ” Vi”, the consumer cooperation´s, published late 1941/42, an embracing reportage, about Organisation Todt´s (O.T.) head Fritz Todt,(1891-1942) the Third Reich´s building/construction/fortification/munition, complex, then occupied with changing change the Russian Railways track gauge , to the German gauge, a “good” thing it seemed, for “Vi”. Hangya and KF ? True ? (Organisation Todt (OT), joining together government firms, private companies and the Reichsarbeitsdienst, Reich Minister for Armaments and Ammunition)
      (4.) Kalaman Lauer, ” exportbusinessman” first Swedish adress in Stockholm seems to be, the Valhallavägen no. 174, from 1942. In the same house,entrance address, no 174, mr Gordon KNOX, U.S legation secretary, in Sweden lives from May 14, 1942, career diplomat, coincides no doubt with the founding of the Meropa AB, 1941. (Later, Gor-don Knox moved to Kommendörsgatan no. 32, closer to the U.S legation, before left for U.S., 1946.) (But Gordon Knox, arrived to Sweden from internment in Germany, of the U.S.legation, 1941, from May, 1942. If so, probably not as a special mission, poss-ible to identify and associate,with today.)
      Meropa´s Lauer´s, and Wallenberg´s business contacts with Hungary, even as a med-iators, seem had been, well developed from an early stage, of 1941, dealing with all types of goods: from ordinary consumer to industrial bentonite and “benzin,” intended for the general national reserveresources, during the blockade. But Christensen was the one responsible, with the important transitation, shipping of the goods through Germ-any, no one knew, before this new information from the RW-EU/Site. The Eastern eggs delivery, April, 1943, was arranged by the German shipping company, the Skandiatran-sport, in Sweden viewed as Pro-Nazi/German, (and of the U.S. legation suspected of cloaking German assets, 1945.)
      (About the The Baltic Oil AB, Susanne Berger gives some information of in: ” Stuck in neutrality”. As Meropa AB, close to the Wallenbergsphere. One of of the managing directors, 1935-1937, was Göran af Klercker,(later the Atlas Copco) as his two brot-hers, reserve/officers in Raoul Wallenberg´s regiment, Infantry No. 1 (Svea livgarde), and their mother was Märta Boheman, a sister of Erik Boheman, the secretary of state /Foreign Department, who employed Raoul, 1944.(Märta married Tage af Klercker/ Gen-eral major.) (the one signing the UD-official Sven Grafströms letter, what resulted in the King´s letter to Hungary, Horthy, June 30, 1944, after the Holocaust deportations. (source Attila Lajos/2004.)

    7. ———————————————————————
      The years before,1939/40, the Meropa AB´s office, at the Blasieholmsgatan no. 3, 1941, this quarters were embroiled in much more dramatic, although most silent events. The scene of the first establishments of the British sabotagegroup, lead by Alfred Rickman, arriving here first in May/June 1939, later planning to blow the cranes in the Oxelösund ironore harbor, in April, 1940.

      The whole project was initiated from the highest circles: Chamberlain, Churchill, Hali-fax. Menzie, in January 1940. As they planned to invade Norway, and “helping Finland” , but first blowing up the Swedish main iron ore fields, (LKAB) owned by 50% of the Wall-enberggroup), and bombing Luleå harbor, to stop all shipping for Germany.

      (From the MI6 archive/www : In particular they reveal that the main operational decis-ions were taken at the very highest level, involving not only Winston Churchill but also Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and Foreign Secretary Viscount Halifax as well as Lord Hankey, the experienced former Cabinet Secretary who served as Minister without Portfolio and took a special interest in intelligence matters. (FO 1093/208 contains a four-page note of a meeting held at 10 Downing Street at 6.30 p.m. on 17 January 1940.)

      This adventurous goals could have launched a German attack on Sweden, with absolute unforeseeable consequences, not only for Sweden, but for the whole of Europe.
      The Rickman group, was convicted to long sentences,(Rickman 8 yrs) for this, in fact very dangerous sabotage designs, with 50 kg:s explosives, of all types, obtained thro-ugh a British secret serviceagent , Ingram Fraser. Rickman dwelling first at the (Carl) Belfrages Hotel & boardinghouse, Blasieholmstorg, no.9. There he for the first time met his becoming Swedish financee´ Elsa Johansson , anti-nazi, and accomplice “in being”, working in the reception.

      Rickman at first studied the Swedish iron ore mining facilities, production, published a quite good book, ” Swedish iron ore” 1939, but later, bought a cover firm, the Dental-materiel AB, and Skandhamn AB, with office, in the next quarter, the Näckströmsgatan no. 1. These against each other, different interests seemed suspect.

      (Reminding of the German Abwehr-spy, Rudolf Fleck, visiting all Swedish provincial newspapers, for his dissertion, of their Swedish publishers, but even collect information about military installations, even he apprehended, convicted, (AO-member),in April 1940, later released to Germany.)

      At the Blasieholmsgatan no. 10, lived another member, Ernest Biggs a one-legged (in WW1) British teaimporter, the Windsor Tea Company and adviser in the advertisment sector, active for the wellknown Gummaelius advertising-agency, and the department store, PUB in Stockholm.There were more British people involved: Harry Gill, (Oden-gatan no. 80-82) son of a timberdealer, and employed at the British Petroleum (BP), with access to rationed, gasoline for cars.

      One of Price-Waterhouse accountants H. Peacock, Hedingatan no. 17, as ” cut-out”, to conceal contacts patterns, with the British legation, @ the Strandvägen. Price Water-house, was accountants of the Wallenbergsphere companies, since 1933s, as mr John Dickinson (MEW-agent) (even work in Zagreb/MEW, perhaps knew consul Yngve Ekmark) with Raoul Wallenberg in Budapest, 1944.

      From Finland arrived in April, after the Finnish-Russian war, 1939/40 eight British young men, volontary aircraft mechanics, (RAF ?) who were asked of taking active part in the sabotage plans, through Rickman/Biggs.They lived nearby, at the Atlantic Hotel, the Teatergatan no.3. All were arrested. (In fact they were recruited and supposed to act in a “mini-version” of the British invasion of Norway, 1940, “bound for Finland”, but first destroy the Malmfälten´s ironore mines.)

      Biggs was said to be evacuation officer, for British citizens, commissioned by the leg-ation´s minister VIctor Mallet, and contacted the British airmechanics , and they visited him at home, No 10. The military attaché Sutton-Pratt, was a key figure. John “Pincher” Martin, is mentioned. (later png) This type of intensive activist war preparations, and the SOE-complex, for Britain are rather unknown, by calling up every known British citizen, abroad.

      The explosion on the Krylbo, station, July, 1941, (German munitiontrain) the four des-troyers confiscated, in June 1940, the three destroyers blowed up September 1941, Hårsfjärden, gives (perhaps?) another picture of British prevention, and activism, betwe-en military and intelligence, – called sabotage. (Ernest Biggs received 5 years hard labor, then reduced to 1 year.)

      When reading this – all contacts with the British legation, from 1940, seem dangerous. Raoul and his sister Nina Lagergren later kept contacts with Cyril Cheshire/SIS, Henry Threlfall/SOE (non grata 1942) (sabotage schemes/Germany) (see C.McKay. Excerpts) : and even Sutton-Pratt the (MA) Angelica Bonde, (Raoul´s fianceé), Anne Waring (SOE) etc., Herbert Caird North, PRB, (Mather & Platt) names surrounding the Wallenbergs.

      For many, anyway, a bit foolhardy, behaviour, bad judgement, (or courage ?), after 1940/41´s public invasion designs up north, British sabotage events, and trials.

      (Both Rickman and the convicted Russian agent Sidorenko, during the spring 1944, was pardoned within some weeks, after a unexpected Soviet bombdrop, over the southern Stockholm, a February evening, luckily most hurting some sheds and windows, from a bomber probably navigated astray, from then very comprehensive bombermissions over Helsingfors, Finland, the last months of that war, 1944. Both Rickman and Sidorenko, were flown to Britain, from the Bromma airport, but in separate flights/ days.)

      A mistake or perhaps the raid was a mean of exerting pressure, on Sweden, some clai-ms today, as later the S/s Hansa´s torpedoing in November, 1944, when Sweden took care of thousands of Baltic states refugees, (together with Iver Olsen/WRB) German sol-diers and ships, with military materiel, what most could return to Germany, and her war efforts, sometimes via Stockholm´s Freeport.
      @ Baltiska Olje AB. The Baltic Oil AB: No. 20 07 21 office (a Wallenbergsphere comp-any ). Did Meropa AB managed their business, from perhaps this office ? Their phone no. can´t be connected with any of the companies here, because of Meropa´s provisional office.)

      (Göran af Klercker, was the man.dir. there 1935-37, then in the Wallenberg flagship company, Atlas Copco. His mother Märta, was sister to Erik Boheman/UD and married to the: General major Tage af Klercker, the King Gustaf V´s chamberlain, (the one signing the UD-official Sven Grafströms letter, what resulted in the King Gustaf V´s letter to Hungary, Horthy, June 30, 1944.)/Attila Lajos. (Another of Boheman´s sisters, was mar-ried the main rabbi M.Ehrenpreis, in Stockholm.)
      @ The Marindistrikt East (Marindistrikt Ost). The Navy district East.
      @ The Oljecentralen AB : 20 43 67 (Oil.) Another oil company

      @ Mr Åke Berg, man.dir., same no. as @The Oljecentralen AB. (but perhaps, the name of even a navy officer captain, unconfirmed), later stationed on the Gotland, 1944/45, in the perspective of the Navy district section (MO), here.
      @ The Hotel Esplanade. (moved prob.later 1946 to Strandvägen no. 7. )
      @ The Oxfordgroup: an obscure Christian association, Frank Buchman, (later Moralish Rearmament/MRA) trying to through christian personal conversions stop wars, (incl. the Swedish author Sven Stolpe) what ended in some tottering stance against NaziGermany.
      @ Hufvudsstadens fastighets AB. (Estates) Tel: 23 12 55. From start in fact owned by Ivar Kreuger, the alleged man behind the global financial crash, from 1932.
      @ Hakon Ahlberg. Architect. 10 51 85: (The one constructed the Wallenberg´s family house in Kevinge/Danderyd, 1930s.)
      @ Brittiska Olje AB: No. 23 55 55.(British Oil)
      @ Switzerland´s legation: No. 10 92 61/ Envoy :Mr Dinichert.
      @ Ivar Philipson (!) (Probably?) (1942- No. 11 11 11.// – – -Lawyer, became a hero during the war. “- – – He was one of those organised the relief of the Danish Jews esc-ape to Sweden, October 1943. Later, active in the relief of the 20.000 KZ-survivors arr-iving to Sweden, May-July 1945/www. (But Ivar Philipson became victim of the German “ariserung” in Sweden, during the war, and must drop his part in a Swedish lawyer bur-eau.- – www.)
      @ the Blasieholmstorg no. 11, :No 23 47 95 : where the SUKAB, (Kompensation Export) (with people Raoul knew,but not mentioned in the official research, as mr Hans Mott, (borne German,earlier /the Separator AB) resided, since 1941/42,) Raoul even took business missions for SUKAB, (France/1942.)
      @ Marcus Wallenberg J:r, ( Jakob´s brother)
      @ Victor Wallenberg. (relative)
      @ the Foreign minister´s hotel, no. 8 where fm 1939-45 Christian Günther lived.(before him R. Sandler) (1945: housed big cocktailparties with some 500 guests)
      @ Nils Palme captain: man.dir.Swedish companies: /Scangreaseproof/ Scankraft/ Finnish / Norwegian/paper/ (Olof Palme´s uncle) /1938 go between for SNS, (Sveriges Nation-ella Skyddskår/strikebreakers) Allan Winge, and Ragnar Casparsson in the LO and the Socialdemocrats.
      @ The Skandia och Freja försäkrings AB (insurance), a Wallenbergcompany . (Wanted to purchase the Thule insurance company, from the Olof Palme family, who refused, up to 1963.
      @ The Baroness Märta Armfelt, employed in Wallenberg´s Skandia & Freja Insurance, what later 1963, merged with the Palme´s Thule AB.
      THE BLASIEHOLMSTORG No. 9-11, 12, 14.
      @ Otto Järte: No. 21 02 30 (wellknown publisher in the (Right) paper, the Svenska dagbladet.(Involved in some peacesoundering 1940 /Source : Erik Carlsson/Diss. )

      @ Svenska handelskammaren (Swedish chamber of commerce) in Riga/Latvia:
      No. 10 46 16.
      @ The Aero-klubben /Blasieholmstorg no.12 , no. 11 31 34, including @ Carl Petersén The head of the C-bureau, 1940-46, (where Raoul perhaps served, during his European trips, France, Hungary, Germany) (due to Jan Bergman 2014). Carl Petersén served in the IRC in Paris, 1921-1937, diplomatic attaché in Berlin, 1939/ 40 was member, secretary of the:Swedish Aero-club 1937-1939, before his C-bureau commission. The Aeroclub, early lobbygroup for the Swedish civil aircraftsclubs, airliners, airfields as the Bromma, Bulltofta, transports, and development.
      The Marquess Londonderry, British Air minister (-1935), relative to Churchill, the most British pro-nazi, met Carl Petersén as early as 1937, during the International Air meet-ing in Paris, 1936, welcomed Ribbentrop and his daughters as German minister in Bri-tain, met Hitler and the rest, and wrote then the pro-Nazi book: Ourselves and Germ-any. (1938) (first page, photo Londonderry, Herr Hitler, Herr Ribbentrop.)

      Londonderry visited Stockholm, 1939, in March 12-15, and the Aero-club, in no. 12, lived in the Grand Hotel, just around the corner, and met Carl Petersén, Aircommander E. Virgin, and Sven Hedin then, just as Hitler took over the rest of Czechoslovakia, what spelled ” game over” for Londonderry´s political activities. He lunched with the German minister, the Prince of Wied, (Wied´s both daughters joined even J. Ribbentrops visit at Londonderry´s Mount Stewart (Eire)1936 June. Had a lecture in the public radio´s news, met the prince Gustav Adolf at the Haga castle, and attended a great Grand/Hotel party with the Aero-club, then 30 years, anniversary celebration.
      @ The Deutsches Nachrichtenbüro. (DNB) Tel. no. 10 88 89 / (1934-1945)
      @ (No.10) Count Eric Oxenstierna (b.16.) (son of colonel Eric Oxenstierna, relative to the Oxenstierna´s widow Siri Wallenberg,(b.68) (sister of Marcus W. sr, d.1943) . (Johan Gabriel Oxenstierna, son of Siri, and Navy attaché in London, suspected of leaks to the German legation in Stockholm, and the Abwehr agent K-H. Krämer, but in fact inter-cepted through other means.(C. McKay)

      (Johan Gabriel Oxenstierna was first 1939, with Holger Graffman in the (1.) purchasing commission of the four Italian destroyers, those confiscated/and partly technically “destroyed” by the British navy, June 1940, then (2.) the attaché-service in London, and finished with the investigation of (.3) the s/s Hansa disaster, November 24, 1944.)
      @ Sven Wijkman : Man. dir. / Finnish activist 1918, (Swedish brigade 1918) in the major Allan Winge´s circles, with Nils Palme, and Gustaf Söderlund,(SAF) Ivar Andersson (SvD), the two latter in the Board of the Swedish recruitment bureau¨ for the Finnish Axis´s war of 1941-44, where Raoul´s captain Lage Wernstedt, served, 1942)
      @ Bernard Valery: (prob.) French journalist 1913-1984. Borned in Georgia, lived in France. Reporter for the Paris Soir, during the war, and Reuter/New York Times. (From www. Sarasota Herald Tribune June 12.1984)
      The British SIS/SOE in action, were disclosed when the Rickman-gang, was jailed, 1940
      the legation´s recruiting,(ma. Sutton-Pratt) (J.Martin) (SOE) of ordinary British citizens,
      ” in-place”, (Gill) (BP) using the diplomat courier to smuggle explosives/sabotagedevices (Fraser), SOE/SIS “cut-outs”, (Peacock) (P &W.) and the secret financial operations, forged passports, handguns, the whole kit. (No doubt some of this methods became 1944, ass-ociated with the Swedish Budapest legation.)

      One of many British disasters, as the Venloe incident 1939. Schellenberg/SD mustn´t have think too highly of Britain, don´t mention the Wehrmacht, soon launching the West-offensive, against France, in May, 1940, routing the British BEF-army, in Dunkirk, into the Channel, just before the Battle of Britain.
      A short historical Stockholm, sightseeing, but could still giving, some cold shivers, from the war´s then, just only periphery. No doubt a nice power/business/”national”/ intell-igence/ international/historical/ hub, in this city-quarters, close to the Grand and Strand Hotels, and neighbors to the big banks, Enskilda and the Handelsbanken.
      But, here most of historical interest.

    8. ————————————————————————–
      (6.):2015: THE SVENSKA DAGBLADET (SvD) : 1944, November, 5: “THE SWEDES IN BUDAPEST ARE SAFE: ”
      SvD: – – – ” The Swedish legation in Budapest, had been in contact over Berlin, since the telephone lines are interrupted just now. ” (A list of those present and known location, is published:) (But Raoul Wallenberg is not mentioned here, but neither the secretary Lars Berg, and Yngve Ekmark, consul, the B-section.)
      The SvD October,21, 1944 : ” The first Swedes arriving from Budapest.”
      SvD: ” In the legation staying: The minister, envoy Ivan Danielsson, attaché P.J. V. Anger with family, lector Valdemar Langlet, the clerks D. von Mezey, Göte Carlsson, and the typists, Birgit Brulin and Margareta Bauer.”- – –
      Ivan DANIELSSON: Pro-German, anti-soviet, png, twice/Spain 1937/Egypt, 1942.
      Laszlo ALMASY:

      “The English patient”, implicated in the Abwehr´s Egyptian espionage, 1942, where Craig McKay, mentioned, both Danielsson and Almasy. Arrived 1944 to Budapest, and due to K.Schandl´s triology, Almasy, perhaps met Wallenberg in Budapest. Schandl claims that Almasy, a Hungarian pilot, was “ordered” to collaborate with the German Afrika Corps, 1942,(Axis) and was double agent, MI6 in Turkey, 1943.

      He saved some Jews,in Budapest , by hiding them in his apartment, one Hungarian, Olympic fencing champion, procuring Swedish passports, and taking them to one of Wallenberg´s safe houses. He lived at Miklos Horthy Ave., no 29., (today Bela Bartok Ave.) adjacent to the Gellert Hotel. Ten minutes walk from the Swedish legation./Source : K. Schandl.
      Per ANGER: Secretary : the C-bureau/pro-U.S., (source:Jan Bergman 2014)
      Lars BERG: Secretary.
      Göte CARLSSON: clerk: Viewed as Anti-soviet, as consul Yngve EKMARK./(SvD 1991)
      Lt Col. Harry WESTER : Military attaché, Pro-German, anti-soviet military attaché.
      Hermann GROSHEIM-KRISKO: is of course not mentioned here, alias “Henry Thomsen” . The B-section, Fremde Heere Ost/Abwehr /Gehlen, Deutsche Wirtschafts-organisations. (looting) Probably knew, the Gross-Nazis: Otto Braun/ German agent since 1930s in Hungary, and AA/Hermann Neubacher, German officials on the Balkans, but no one has claimed this, obvious possibility.
      Margareta BAUER:
      Lund university studies, recruited to the C-bureau, by Gunnar Jarring (source: Jan Bergman 2014) the wellknown Swedish diplomat, himself even recruited by Helmuth Ternberg, 1940 (Jarring memoirs). Bauer´s father, doctor, prob. from right/conservative circles.

      Margareta Bauer knew the man.dir. Tor Olsson in Berlin, in the Barnängens AB , 1939, owned by Harald Nordenson (right, pro-German industrialist,/guest Raoul´s c-party, 1943). She served there in the Swedish legation, Berlin and Warzaw, and (much) later, postwar, married Tor Olsson.

      (The Warzaw legation, August 26, 1939: “- – -Miss Bauer had gone a bit foolish, she seem not of the right stuff. Yesterday I must in the last minut, warding off that she sent the enclair-key, together with the cipher telegram. What a mistake, a disaster, no doubt ! We´re going to contact (in Stockholm/UD) and request Ms Eriksson, instead, when she arrives, we´re going to send Ms Bauer, back home.- – – ” / Source : Sven Grafström´s diary: (1989).

      (Carl Petersén/ later head of the military C-bureau, was then military attaché , in Berlin, and made heinous anti-semitic expressions, due to Grafström´s diary.)
      Birgit BRULIN:
      Her father , Herman Brulin, was pro-German, historian, (KarlXII) grad. archivist ,wrote once in Nordische Aufseher, /Nordische Gesellschaft, and in the Right partys period-ical, “Svensk tidskrift”, with Elis Håstad, (who raised the Wallenberg-case /1947 parlia-ment) and former partyleader Gösta Bagge. Ms Brulin married the Hungarian Bela Galan-tay, (1910-1962) postwar, engineer at the Gamma industry, defence producer.
      Valdemar LANGLET: a far right man, since 1918, pro-German.(see my former comments)
      ” SvD /Other persons are: the estate owner: countess Stella Andrassy (nee Kuylenstierna) mrs Clarisse von Bayer -Krucsay, wife of deceased Swedish generalconsul, von Bayer-Krucsay, his son and wife Sixten and Edit von Bayer.”
      Stella ANDRASSY: (nee Kuylenstierna),
      Married 1919, a Hungarian count, Emmerich (Imre) Andrassy, military-attaché, in Swe-den, and lived in Hungary, naturalized, in big estates. 1944, they must flee, to the West, to Budapest, Bajza Utca. and then to Austria, and U.S. She published the book: Pustan brinner (1948) about the family´s escape.

      (In a letter to the Aftonbladet,(AB) February 16, 1951, Maj von Dardel and Rudolph Philipp, Yngve Schartau,rejected Stella Andrassy´s claim in her book: Pustan brinner, (publ.1948), “- that Raoul Wallenberg probably 1945, arrived from Budapest, to Sopron, where he was supposed to meet the Americans/British forces, as the former was his employer.” – – – This was counterproductive, due to the letter,as Sopron was the Hung-arian Arrow Cross government´s headquarter, from December 1944, and that the Wall-enberg-committee, had other better, confirmed information of his fate. “)
      Mrs Margit Collinder, former wife of professor Björn Collinder.
      Engineer Evald (Henry?) Fogelström,(prob. Elektro-invest/ASEA Yugoslavia/Subotica.) ”
      Sven Mauritz KARLSSON:
      Dir. representing the JUNGNER-industries. Produced defence-materiel for Sweden /Ungern. Binoculars, aerial aiming devices, rangefinders, batteries, (NIFE) in all, some 47 products for the Swedish defence.
      Bertil HALLSTRÖM :
      (man.dir.) (b.04.) STAB, 1928, Budafok, Hungary 1939, (DZZ-Zagreb), 1941, STAB (M/Magyar altalanos Gyufaipari RT =(MAGIRT), 1944. (first marriage :(1934-49):Mrs Silvia Valvenau: (b.13)

      www/ : – – -Silvia Valvenau: “Russische Flieger bombardieren die Donaustadt, deutsche Truppen rücken ein, «um Ungarn vor der herannahenden Sowjetarmee zu schützen». Eine Bombe fliegt in den Obstgarten ihrer Villa. Das Leben wird hässlich. Mit dem schwedischen Gesandten Raoul Wallenberg besucht sie ein paarmal Transportzüge deportierter Juden am Bahnhof: « Wir steckten den armen Menschen Brot, Kekse und Zigaretten durch die Schlitze.» Dann rettet sie sich selber in den Westen.”- – –
      Viktor Langhard (Grad. agriculture) (Agronom) with son, repr. Weibulls.
      Ragnar Lundmark, businessman
      Clemens Heintges: (Prob. machine-engineer)
      Eduard Max:son ENGESTRÖM: Estate owner:
      Juris dr: Edvard Engeström had been declared bankrupted, in Sweden, July 1931, and was officially requested, then from Stockholm, to contact the lawyer in charge.

      (SvD.) But 1945 he returned September 12, to Sweden, telling he had traveled by car through Hungary, and by air from Prague. Engeström was said buzy to wind up his wife Ilona´s estate; Moszgo. His two daughter´s Astrid and Ilona (Illy) had then stayed the whole of 1945 in Sweden. Astrid married Etienne (Antal?) Bolza, 1948,and Ilona, (in Stigtomta) married István von Ujfalussy, (grad. agriculture) : in Stockholm, 1947, Enge-ström/Biedermann and Turony, in presence of Graf Felix von Luckner, (married with Engeström´s sister Ingeborg), and a Brazilian legation secretary.
      Mrs Ebba Imre, wife of the professor of ophtamology: professor Imre.
      Mrs Elsa Fargo, mr Arne Johansson, mr Hjalmar Edbjörn, (engineer) mr Ernst Elgerus.
      Mrs Katarina Hartman, Frida Lustig, Eva Österberg, Hjördis Maria Settergren,
      Mr Björn Fenvi, Kjell Fenvi:
      New Swedish citizenships:
      Ms Margit Benes: (estate owner)
      Ms Gisela och Lilly Benkö,
      Ms Eva och Alice Eismann,
      Mr Bela Galantai
      Ms Janka Miklos.
      Mrs Elisabeth Sandor, och Mr Ladislaus Else, Peter Alex, Turai.
      Bela GALANTAY :
      Engineer,the GAMMA-industries. (Fiance´of Birgit Brulin, postwar married in Sweden.)

      This industry, produced defencemateriel in Sweden, in cooperation with the Arenco AB /(Juhasz) AB. The Gamma-industry was since 1930s deep involved in the Swedish def-enceindustry, with advanced aiming devices for anti-aircraft artillery, the Gamma -Juhasz patents. (Perhaps the Bofors AB, then in the Wallenbergsphere.) (Gamma Fein-mechanische & Optische Werke Ungarn/Budapest). Even produced radios, and comp-asses, theodolites.

      (The German Wehrmacht code for the Gamma-products was “k w c”: Every German def-ence producer, had a stamped code, probably not to be identified for intelligence purp-oses. This is not(!) to say that Galantay,was working in some section of defence produc-tion, or any other speculation.
      In this list in the Svenska Dagbladet, November 5,1944, Raoul Wallenberg, wasn´t men-tioned, (as Berg, Ekmark) but other Swedes of perhaps interests, for the Soviet´s secret service. (Had Wallenberg been mentioned in public before, 1944 in the Swedish press/ media about his rescuemission ?) The legation´s personal seem pro-German, all over, not unusual in the diplomatic corps, those years.

      (Helene Carlbäck, historian claimed that the Russians viewed the Swedish legation, mainly assisted, not only Jews, but Hungarian, German, Italian, nazis, “Whiterussian” immigrants, refugees during the fall of 1944, waves coming from Romania, and Hun-gary, to avoid being caught by the Red army´s offensive./DN (1991)
      (November 5, 1944 : The Soviet Union refused to accept Switzerland´s offer to establish diplomatic relations. Did the Swedish Foreign ministry, noticed this and drew perhaps some conclusions ? )
      Edvard Engeström, McKay claims dealed in weapons: (1.) Bofors AB. Dir. Sven Mauritz Karlsson represented the: (2.) Swedish Jungner-industries, defence producers and Bela Galantay, engineer in (3.) the Gamma-industries (Budapest/Juhasz bros.) since 1930s (Galantay could have been represented the Gamma, unknown), then in Swedish defence (Arenco) production, since early 1930s. (George Vogl, a refugee from Czechoslovakia 1939, to Sweden,specialized in optics, for the defence industry, served his life, within the Jungner industries.)

      There were a great business and need of aiming instruments /range-finders for artillery and flakguns, from the optical industries, this were no doubt Swedish-Hungarian trad-itional trading relations, as with the Manfred Weiss Industries, since long ago. But noth-ing of this, cooperation with Jungner-industries, Arenco AB /Juhasz,, has been ment-ioned before, not to disturb the more perhaps idyllic picture.
      This information only from official, published, printed sources, or reliable http://www.sites.

    9. ———————————————————————
      (7.): 2015) THE PHARAO GANE COMPANY :
      1942, August 29, a Mrs Davida Vilhelmina Berner died. There were wreaths from the Board and personnel, at the Pharao Gane company, London, Agence Francaise Berner & Nielsen, Agence Belge, Berner & Nielsen, Brussel, all through Otto Cronstedt (!) , and the Retired officers society. Davida´s husband, was mr Joakim M. Berner

      Berner & Nielsen were, timberdealers, as Pharao Gane, the British company, what Craig McKay, found in a telephone secret tapping protocol between Cyril Cheshire and Kolo-man Lauer, and Raoul Wallenberg, 1943/44. A Swedish officer, Johan Nauckhoff (nob-ility) (/b.67.) married 1903, the daughter of the Berner´s, Alida Dorotea Berner (b.77/ London died 1922). Nauckhoff, was promoted Major General 1926, and C-i-C for the 3rd Swedish army division. He was chairman in the Grand Hotel board, in Stockholm, 1935. (A ms Margareta Berne(r?) was guest on Raoul´s c-party, 1943, partner at the table, with Jakob, if he ever was there, or in Berlin, two good questions in one. )
      But who was Otto Cronstedt ? He was b.1899, Swedish count, Cronstedt till Fullerö. 1903 married Gerda Looström, daughter of the head of the National gallery, Stockholm, (Carl Ludvig Looström/Nationalmuseum). Otto, first businessman in Paris, (Berner & Nielsen) and then employed from 1934, in the Pharao Gane Co., in charge for the Fin-nish timber market. (His father was the, then wellknown architect Otto Sigfrid Cron-stedt.)

      Because the Finnish-Russian war, of 1939/40, he returned to Stockholm. 1941 he went to Britain, in a mission to study the British air raid precautions. From, 1940, he was in charge of the Swedish foreign department´s section for press-contacts with foreign journalists, presscenter at the Grand Hotel, (The National Information board/SIS, where even the wellknown diplomat Sven Grafström served.)

      Cronstedt published here: Sweden : a Wartime survey, 1942, (UD) with contributions from some 25 authors. (January ,1941 a similar German “pressführer” was published: Schweden 1941 /herausg. von der Presseabteilung des Ministerium des Äussern, – when a big group of German journalists officially visited Sweden, during the “New Order.”
      Sven Grafström (and his wife Gerda, daughter of the German cultural attaché Twar-dowski) was in fact, even a close friend to Otto and Gerda Cronstedt. Due to Grafströms printed diary, he was guest in huntingparties, on Cronstedt´s hunting-grounds, south of Stockholm, January 1942, with the Finnish diplomat Ossian Soravuo, (b.04) (Gösta) Selling, the city antiquarian, G.A. Rising lawyer, (b.04) they played bridge together, and with director general Stig Sahlin. October, elkhunting, with dir. Fritz Egnell. Cronstedt had an apartment, in Stockholm, at the Stigbergsgatan no. 27.
      ** Ossian Soravuo : (1904-1994): (1939-1942), Finnish diplomat in Stockholm, (1942-1944) leading function in Helsingfors UM, 1944 in Berlin,(1944-46 indisponibilty).

      **G.A. Rising. (b.04) (son-in-law/dir.Egnell/in the board of the Bar assoc. 1938-1943)

      ** (Stig Sahlin: (1899-63) Swedish director general /diplomat : 1935-1939 UD-H(trade), Swedish envoy in Helsingfors 1939-41:

      Probably they were old Finland-related contacts, diplomat service, from Cronstedt´s Pharao Gane´s Finnish market sejour. (From 1941 impossible to access for Finland, British Navi-certs, for export/import.)
      Cronstedt lived on his estate, Kihlsgård, just outside Stockholm, Värmdö, Velamsund. He received both Finnish and Swedish honour decorations. But February 17, 1943, the morning paper announced: – ” Otto Cronstedt, was found dead, in the forest, near his house, shot in the head. Besides him, a small handgun.

      In the obituary, this was called an accidental shot, during hunting. But a local witness, claimed “he saw Cronstedt went out in the forest, around 16.00 a´cl.,” when darkness usually falls. Something in the situation, signals, this was perhaps a complicated acc-ident. A tragedy. Strange.
      Sven Grafström comments in his comprehensive diary (2.vol. ed.1989): ” Februari 23, 1943: ” Otto´s funeral”, many wraths, from the foreign journalist´s corps, only the Germans avoided any official manifestation, in spite of that Otto hade been very useful for them. ” “I don´t know if that depended on Otto´s wellknown pro-British attitude. ” Grafströms doesn´t mentions the accident, only the funeral, (understandable) just
      ” Otto´s terrible death “. Funeral in Solna, in presence of mr Thorsing/UD, and bishop Runesten.
      Sven Grafström himself, died during mystic circumstances, when he fell out from a French train/window 1955, January 1955, Joigny. He had just read Agatha Cristhies, new detective story: Destination unknown. (Edit. Collins 1954.) (Not the Orient-express). Something in the situation, signals, this was perhaps a complicated accident. A trag-edy. Strange.

      (An unconfirmed source, claims that Grafström had gambler debts ? Well they played bridge… but if not the Swedish Foreign minister himself, Grafström´s boss Christian Günther/UD, his biography has the title: The Gambler (Spelaren) (2006) (Solvalla trott-ing), I hadn´t reproduce, this perhaps, gossip, among others. No one knows. Perhaps Cronstedt had some debts ?
      Otto Cronstedt, was employed in the Pharao Gane Company, (from 1934) what K. Lauer, and Cyril Cheshire speaked about in their phonecall, August 1943/44, (what McKay sus-pected was a “Nazi potentate”/Excerpts..2011.).

      Otto Cronstedt had very good, both Finnish and British business contacts it seems,(Ger-man ?) and served even in the Swedish Foreign ministry/UD, especially with foreign jou-rnalists, and of course a close friend of Sven Grafström, in the same section, of the Sta-tens informationsstyrelse/UD (SIS) / The Swedish national censorship bureau 1939 -45./ Prof. Sven Tunberg)

      (Sven Hjalmarsson Grafström, b.02. was even attaché in the Soviet Union, and covering Persia, 1930-, with P.V. Assarsson, and lieutenant, (inf.) Göta Livgarde 1928, and knew Marcus Wallenberg Jr.)

      One such, contact was , mr R.O. Urch,Times, mr Hewins, Daily Mail, and mr Peter Tenn-ant in the ” Daily” SIS/SOE-Mail”, disguised as pressofficer, 1939-1944, as Cyril Ches-hire, pass-port officer, “with background in the timberbusiness” who arrived late 1942 to Sweden, after the “shake-up “of the British legation, (the Rickman/Martin/Threlfall) cases.

      Some interesting hits, it seems, and perhaps a mystical sudden death, soon after Ches-hire´s arrival. Perhaps “cold cases”, but a must, for inspector Craig McKay, and if McKay can´t stage a real British detective story, with these special local ingredients, no one can.

    10. ————————————————————————
      MARCH 8, 1945 :
      1945 : March 8: :This separate German surrendering/Jews for sale, meeting between Iver Olsen and Fritz Hesse (in Olsen´s apartment/confirmed by both), the Swedish historian Berndt Schiller, connect to the radio transmission of March 8, 1945 from the Hungarian MKP-sender (Kossuth) reporting of the death/and robbery of Raoul Wallen-berg, through Arrow Cross bandits.
      1945: The day before March, 7: Herschel Johnson/U.S. legation,sends a telegram to State Department, suggests them to inform Moscow about this meeting, if the Olsen/ Hesse -contact could conceal German proposals of separate surrender initiative. / + the WRB.-cable: German proposals through Sweden, March 9, to State Department/SD./ : Lena Einhorn (1999).

      (Hesse, then to Olsen: – ” You are in Berlin known as a great humanitary man ! (July/ October 1944 in media.) Hesse made some hostile expressions about the Soviet Union.) (The whole affair was published, without names implicated, by SvD, by Arvid Fredborg, DN, March 12 and 14, 1945.
      LEIF LEIFLAND: 1991:
      1991, November 25 : (SvD): The former undersecretary of state, (ambassador in Britain-91) in the Foreign department, Leif Leifland, claims, that Fritz Hesse even met Jakob Wallenberg, in secret, but the Allied´s secret services in Stockholm, hadn´t a clue about that, in spite of close shadowing, Leifland claims, in opposition to Berndt Schiller.

      Leifland mentioned a British FO-telegram about this, dispatched to the British legation in Moscow, “no. 388″, March 14, 1945. Leifland suggests, from that, that the Russians didn´t knew, anything about the Fritz Hesse-mission, possible to compromise Raoul Wallenberg, in Budapest/Moscow. By that ruling out any separate German surrender bids, could be behind the Soviets arrest of Raoul Wallenberg, 1945.

      But due to Einhorn, Herschel Johnson/U.S. , already March 7, urged the State department to inform Moscow, about Hesse. If that happened is unknown.
      SAFEHAVEN : SWEDEN: 1944:
      1944: August, 23/ Safehaven: the Sweden/programme: A conflict appear, when U.S. demanded all the names from refugees, to Sweden, from Germany, even the Finland and the Baltic States, those would be viewed as Axis nations. These names, the Soviet Union, should claim access to, and demand extradition. Iver Olsen knew this, since, as he served both in the Safehaven(German/Axis assets) in Sweden, 1944/45 and as WRB-official, April-December 1944. As even secret OSS-agent, how did he managed this situation ?
      1944: July 6.: (The Dagens Nyheter /Front page): ” 60 stateless Jews, never arrived with the passenger boat m/s Birger Jarl, from Finland, when U.S, broke off her diplomatic relations with Finland, together with U.S. minister Edmund Guillon. The Jew´s own fault, due to their organisational problems” , Iver Olsen/WRB-official, attaché claimed.

      There had been months of preparations, for them, they had got Swedish resident per-mits, and some months before, 106 Jewish refugees had arrived. “, due to Iver Olsen. But who were they, those 106, and those 60 still in Finland ?

      This WRB/ Finnish rescue activities, 1944, are not that known, in Sweden, but could be. This rescue mission, published in the daily papers, how come ? Interpreted, how, then, and of the Soviet legation, in the Red army´s last phase of their offensive against Fin-land, from June 9 ? Maybe some agents on the run ? Were there any contacts between
      the U.S. and the Soviet legations, about that news ?

      Did this influenced the WRB-mission in Budapest ? Raoul left Sweden, the next day, July 7, by air,for Berlin/Budapest. How about Olsen´s then ongoing unknown, Baltic Sea, transports ? During the summer, July-September, when the Baltic sea is rather calm, with two 30 knots motorboats. Was the rescuing of the Finnish Jews more of a public cover for the Baltic operations ? No one has before put this in connection with the Wall-enberg mission.
      (Edmond Guillon, later U.S diplomat in Congo, 1961, president J.F. Kennedy´s special envoy, September, when UN/ Dag Hammarskjöld´s aircraft crashed, in Ndola, still in question in Sweden, with a new UN-investigation under way.)
      1945 : July 17: (Expressen). (A year later): Iver Olsen the USA-legation, buying motor-boats from the Henning Forslund´s shipyard at Lidingö, Stockholm, the ” Sjöexpressen”. The engine was the Chrysler 8-cylinders, good for 30 knots speed, (Runabåt) and a motorcruiser (prob. “Stella Marina”, laid up since 1939, a big off-shore, boat 27 x 4 meters, 2 Sterling Petrel (6 cyl.) engines, for export to U.S., through the Swedish KMK.

      Or were this boats to use in new operations to the Baltic States ? ” (- – ” The lower exhaust noise levels was particularly useful in the patrol boats as these crafts were designed for anti-smuggling operations, at which they proved very successful =engine /Sterling Petrel Model L-6 gasoline/www. U.S. Coast guard (1934)

      The same type of fast boats, from the Sjöexpressen, were those Iver Olsen had used during the summer/fall of 1944, to pick up Estonian/Latvian nationals/refugees with the assistance of the C-bureau. But few knew then, what had occurred the year before, in the Baltic Sea.
      1994: May 24: (AB): Iver Olsen had contacts with August Lindberg, chairman in The Swedish confederation of Trade Unions /LO, and Charles Lindley, (ITF) the Transport-workers union, to get access of couriers. / Iver Olsen July 6, 1944, ” very secret activities in Hungary. ”
      June 27th , 1945 all German assets, in Sweden, laid embargo of , and the July,15, all assets were froze, and the Flyktkapitalbyrån/FCCO/ Foreign Capital Control office was founded, and had an office, on the groundfloor, of the former German legation, with the former Nazi-diplomat Werner Dankwort, of all buildings, and officials. U.S. was especially interested in war reparations from just Sweden, and to destroy all German economic influence and assets on the Swedish market.

      There were some heavy conflicts within the U.S. legation in Stockholm, between the State departments officials, and the Treasury´s Iver Olsen,(Ministry of Finance) and the Safehaven (W.Surrey/State D.) operations in Sweden. When Olsen was relieved in August 1945, by James Saxon, Olsen had already warned the department of his ” continual harassment” which was “well known” in Washington, and so even mr Saxon had to close the office and return home, October, 1945.

      Safehaven demanded at first, 1944, a list of all Axis´s citizen´s staying in Sweden from 1939, and their travels etc. But this list, could be very problematic, to compile, as the huge refugee waves from former Axis´s, Finland and the Baltic States, 30.000 and the list must be turned over to the Allied, the Soviet Union. This proposal demised after a while, but was complicated, as Iver Olsen himself had been in charge of the U.S. refugee section April-December 1944, a well-known fact in Sweden.

      The Safehaven officials were indeed impressed by the Swedish efforts, legislation to comply with the Allieds demands, 1945, ” but there was one dissenter “, Iver Olsen. He send a telegram to the U.S. Treasury, April 5, 1945. This came down to a matter of trust. Olsen didn´t have faith in Sweden, when he wrote about their ” stone Age perspective of world problems “, which convinced him ” that we established a diplomatic mission here,at least a hundred years too soon”, We should be sending a flock of missionaries “.

      Iver Olsen and the U.S. Treasury never trusted the Wallenberg´s and was clear opposing together with the minister Henry Morgenthau, that the finance family and the Enskilda banken, must not be used for assisting purposes and as confidents in the Safehaven´s investigations. Olsen sent another critical telegram to Morgenthau about Sweden, June 25. But this was explicit opposed by Herschel Johnson, and U.S./State department.

      A telegram was formulated by the Treasury about this already December 22, 1944, but was postponed, and was sent first January 8, 1945, to the U.S. legation, but Johnson never showed it, for Iver Olsen, but kept it in his personal file. Olsen once again became frustrated, expressed dislikes of C. Ravndal, (Legation secretary /State D.), claiming his fellow Americans were becoming like ” * them” , ” = the Swedes”.
      THE BOSCH DUD : 1945:
      – – -went off late July, 1945, when, the U.S. Colonel Bernhard Bernstein, excavated Wallenberg´s Bosch cloaking contracts in a Stuttgart safe. Wallenberg had destroyed their own copies, 1942. Bernstein was eager to tell the world about his find, without waiting for the State department´s approval – a reason for the continued animosity. – –

      Gerald Aalders and Susann Berger published 1997, a very initiated article about Wall-enberg´s methods, and the U.S. investigation to reveal the cloaking deal, in a German journal, and in the Dagens Nyheter, February 18, 1997. But this article is not included in Susann Berger´s bibliography, @ the RW-site.

      – – -By that, August 8, 1945 Wallenbergs were designated ” special blocked nationals” by the Treasury, and should be “included on the Proclaimed List”,(black list) and at last, State department advised the U.S´s Stockholm legation – ” not to carry on any further Safehaven discussions with the Wallenbergs.” But the Cold war saved Sweden, and the Wallenbergs, Enskilda banken had to quit Jakob Wallenberg, March 30, 1946, and Wall-enberg´s became alleged implicated in the failure of the Swedish exportcredit for the Soviet Union, 1946.
      One can wonder, how this tense atmosphere not only inside the U.S. legation, but even between U.S. and Sweden, during a critical time, Winter/Spring 1944/45 could have influenced both Iver Olsen´s and Raoul Wallenberg´s situation, the borned activists, and the war was long from over.
      This conclusion, is based, on quotings from the sources, of four(4) historical/ basic research books:

      (1.) : Samuel Breschinskys lost anger=förlorade vrede, (a novel, based on facts/ faction) (1997), by Peter Puide, (b.1938) himself, Estonian refugee-child, from Pärnau, to Swe-den, 1945.

      (2.) associate professor, Mats Deland´s : (supplement/The Estonians ).(2012)

      (3.) professor, Göran Andrae : Sverige och den stora flykten från Estland 1943-1944 /(2004) = (Sweden and the big escape from Estonia, 1943-44.)

      (4.) Even the Holocaust historian Anton Weiss-Wendt, in: Murder without hatred : Esto-nians and the Holocaust (2009), describes Beile Ratut´s case,among others, of the same merciless kind.

      First, Puide publishing the texts of some declassified, official archival documents, edited by Estonian authorities, letters/writs, from 1941, after the German occupation, concer-ning the decision process, for a young Estonian Jewish girl, b.1928, Beile RATUT, living in the Pärnau/Jakobi (Na-in) institution for retarded children, since 1940: Estonia´s Anne FRANK.
      11th of November 1941: No. 148. / From the institution address: Pärnu-Jakobi institu-tion for retarded children, : / To Estonia´s Autonome Board: To: The Social Directory:

      ” Hereby we report, that a 12-year old Jewish girl, -Beile RATUT, stays here, as pupil. Her parents lived at the Narva street, no. 55-2, Tallinn. Must B. Ratut, leave the institu-tion, and if so, where to – or can she stay here ? ”
      Valve Parktal :/ Institute director/
      Incoming mail: Estonia´s Independent Board: To: The Social Directory: 14th November 1941. No 114.

      /Handwritten/ To: The Interior director:

      ” How can we get rid of the Jew ? “15.XI.1941 /(sign.) Otto Leesment. + Oscar Angelus, head, minister of the interior, later refugee to Sweden, through the C-bureau, 1944.
      17th November 1941: From Estonia´s Autonome Board/the Social directory / : To: the Directorate of the Interior:

      Forwarding Pärnu-Jakobi institution´s for retarded children, letter of the 11th Novem-ber, 1941, regarding, the Jewish pupil, Beile Ratut, applying of the Directory of Interior´s standpoint, in this case :
      Directory of Interior: Incoming mail:
      18th November 1941: No. 720.
      Received: POKS (*= The Board of Police and The Omakaitse)
      Incoming: 18th November 1941: No. 482.(***)

      (*** This number no 482, 18th of November, I´m associated with the number of the 494 cases, of Estonians unlawfully, executed, 494 persons up to 12th of December. 140 (30%) of them were Jews , the rest, 354 ,(70%) probably the majority, accused of being “Communists , or pro-Soviet, ” or just Russians. Beile Ratut´s father Haim, was anyway then, already executed. )

      To: The Inspector of the Political Police:
      “Applying of guidelines in this case.”
      20th November 1941.
      (sign.) A. *** RATISTE. (col.)

      Oskar Angelus, German citizenship, 1940/41, arranged the German Balts evacuation to Germany, 1940, interior minister/ approved, 1945 to Sweden as refugee.

      ” 1. Of course the Jew is not permitted to stay.”
      ” 2. How proceed in this case ? ”

      19th November 1941. /Signed/ J.L.
      The Inspector of the Political Police:
      Incoming no. 253: 21.11.1941.
      Estonias autonomy board:
      The Directory of Interior:
      The Police and Omakaitse Board:

      To: the Institiution of retarded children: Pärnu-Jakobi:
      ” You are asked to send the Jew-girl, Beile Ratut, to the Central prison in Tallinn, and report to me, when effected.”
      (Signed: / R. Lepik (Inspector of the Political Police)
      Incoming: 25.11.41. No. 178.
      To: The Chief of Tallinn-Harju Prefecteur´s Political Police:
      “Beile Ratut´s case, applying for guidelines.”
      29.11.41 (sign: EP)

      “Arrest, and placing in the Central prison:” (Tallinn)
      29.11.41 (sign: EV)
      From: Pärnu-Jakobi institution for retarded children. “Nain”./ To: The Chief of Tallinn´s Central prison /Tallinn:
      28.11.41. No. 159

      Hereby I forwarding, for your measures, the Jew-girl, Beile Ratut, Haim´s daughter, borned the 1st of january, 1928 Based on: The letter of the Inspector of the Political Police, the 24th November 1941, no. 253.
      (sign.) V. Parktal./Institutional director ” Na-in”.

      (Beile Ratut,13 years old, was then killed, due ” to active participating in Communist activities”.
      (1.) ” – – – Iver Olsen organised three committées, (1944) from the Baltic States, and in the Estonian, with Heinrich Laretei) (in 1920s, rightextreme), there was even the member, artillery colonel August RATTISTE, implicated in ” the bloody days in Pärnu” in the summer 1941, during the German occupation/Barbarossa, as a commander of the Estonian “selfdefence ” Omakaitse”./Source: Mats Deland. 2012/.The Estonians/

      “- – -The American part of the activity, (Olsen´s seatransports,1944) was handled by the Artillery colonel August RAATISTE, who during the first bloody months, the Summer of 1941, headed the ” Omakaitse” in Pärnu./Source M. Deland (2010.)

      (2.) “. . . With Col. RAATISTE in Iver Olsen´s OSS/ WRB-service, ” 1944, ” there could be no doubt, that the Americans was, not (!) only motivated by humanity”, due to the ini-tiated , /source from professor/historian, Göran Andrae´s book: Sverige och den stora flykten från Estland 1943-1944 /(2004)
      Rattiste made it to Argentine, after the war, from Sweden. (The Soviet´s NKGB, later claimed that the “Swedish/British/U.S. -intelligence, services sometimes, traveled to Estonia/Latvia in the same boat.” )
      Albert Kilvar stayed just for a short time in Pärnu, before he followed the Germans to Tallinn, as local guide, before he was employed by the RSHA/ Sicherheitsdienst, the Fall of 1943, became senior assistent, dealing with counterespionage, and sabotage in the Estonian B/IV. “- – -Kilvar was picked from the political,police in Pärnu, had a reputation of taking part in unlawful executions. As local guide for the German Einsatzkommando 1a (Sandberger). Kilvar left Sweden for U.S, 1952. During the Fall of 1941,assisted Lepik, in the political police, in the Tallinn Central prison.

      – – – Among the Estonians, rescued, was the Sicherheitsdienst/ SD-man Albert KILVAR, from Pärnau. Iver Olsen did knew, that his transports, with two 30 knots-boats, been used to reinforce the contacts between the Estonian national resistence, and the Swed-ish military intelligence (the C-bureau), the latter ” most cooperative”, due to Iver Olsen. The money from U.S., 200.000:-SEK, (today 4 millions) were mediated from the C-bur-eau, what even used the transports, for their own purposes.- /Source :M. Deland (2010).
      – – – Interrogation of Rattiste, the 6th of match 1945./ The Swedish SÄK, (secret police) RATTISTE was dispatched to Sweden, in November 1943, to investigate, if there were some ” frozen” Estonian assets, to be used by the resistance. When he arrived, to Swe-den, in April 1944, he soon concluded, there were no assets left, (had been delivered to USSR). Then the hunt in serious, started to get access to Swedish and American funds. Rattiste lived during the first period with H. LARETEI. /M. Deland 2010/.

      – – -In Sweden, the military branch of the organisation, was headed, by RATTISTE, and Lembit KRIISA, member of the Omakaitse in Tartu, 1941-42, arrived with the Red Cross, from Denmark, May 1945. /Säpo-archive/Mats Deland.2010. Sometimes Laretei con-tacted the police, when, obvious ” war criminals”,arrived, as the 13th of September, with the Estonian-Swedish Rågö-committee´s , ship ” M/s Juhan, headed, by L. Lienhard, WSS/ captain.(See my comment :2013)
      – – -Pärnau, in the south west, was captured by a surprice attack, together with Viljandi, 1941. The last bigger villages, captured before, the ….. The 10th of September no Jews in Pärnu, were alive. These murders (494 cases) were done by the Estonian secret police= the Omakaitse, during German supervision, by a commando of 30 men, lead by the Estonians, the captains, Villem RAID, and Arkadi VALDIN, the latter even agent,post-war as long, as between 1945-49, for the Swedish General staff /Försvarsstaben.) – – -/Mats Deland/2010.
      Professor Tore Pryser:/ The Dagbladet/ Norway: – – – If Raoul Wallenberg, can be con-nected to OSS and the C-bureau´s combined intelligence operations, it´s not strange, if the Swedish Foreign minister, Östen Undén, and the Swedish Moscow minister, Staffan Söderblom, 1944-46, were not in that hurry, to solve the Wallenberg-case. Today, these two, are criticized, leading to, that the Prime minister G. Persson (1994-2006), gave an excuse to Wallenberg´s relatives, on behalf of the Swedish state.- – –

      But the performance of the Swedish foreign policy leadership, postwar, 1945/46, is not difficult to explain. A more aggressive pursuit, demands of the deliverance of Wallen-berg, could have revealed, that Sweden´s proclaimed neutrality, between hot and cold war, was not that tight, in reality, what the authorities aimed to convince the general public of. There is still classified files, in the Wallenberg-case, not published, especially about the C-bureau.- – – /Tore Pryser.
      Goes without saying, here, but one outcome, of these Iver Olsen´s OSS-expeditions, if known, rescuing, in all 275 handpicked Estonian nationals, but no Jews, was perhaps not an advantage, concerning the Soviet Union´s attitude of the Swedish Budapest mission, 1944/45. The Estonian Ants Oras, was then employed within the U.S. legation.

      Could the Finnish 60 Jewish refugees, that didn´t(!) arrived to Stockholm, July 6, 1944,
      and before that 106 Jewish refugees, been a “public” cover operation, for Iver Olsen´s Baltic operations, during that summer, with the C-bureau, the same design suspected even within Raoul Wallenberg´s Budapest-mission. This parties of Finnish Jewish refu-gees, 1944, are anyway most unknown, only mentioned in the Dagens Nyheter, July, 6, 1944.

      The meeting between Fritz Hesse, and Iver Olsen, March 8, 1945, coincides with the remarkable report, from the Hungarian resistance-sender, Kossuth, the same day.

    11. ————————————————————————–
      Ingrid Carlberg, in her Augustprize-rewarded Wallenberg-biography (2012) refering to the Dagens Nyheter April 8, 1943, about ” the two first waggons with with eggs, from Hungary arriving to Trelleborg, with 8th tons of egg, each, followed by 23 waggons later, a total of, 3.6 millions egg. Then a month ration for 800.000 persons. Kolomann Lauer in person (photo) met the cargo, at the railwaystation, in ” Eden-hat”, as Carlberg writes, ” and Raoul was on his way from his military service, to supervising the last wag-gons, from the Swedish Sassnitz railway ferry.”

      This is a proof, of the Meropa AB´s comprehensive business activities, with Hungary, serving the Swedish needs of basic food, during the war, no doubt. Due to a tradeagree-ment, with Sweden, of August 1942, about 200 tons eggs, should be imported. This was the second import, the first 30 tons were delivered and was undertaken by the Consum-ers cooperation (KF/Kooperativa förbundet), as even this one (200 tons) arranged by the Meropa AB, was requested by the KF, and the Swedish eggimport association. Hung-ary was even exporter of eggs to the British market. (Meropa AB, even received in begin-ning of 1943, 15.000 x 4kg:s, Hungarian hares, another 60 tons cargo.)
      ” -By all accounts, Christensen enjoyed a reputation as a gifted and thoroughly reliable businessman. “- – Don´t check a good story, it could crack like an… Ludolph Julius Christensen, was convicted in Sweden, a case of heinous fraud, with powdered egg,(Äggpulvermålet) July, 1960, to 8 month hard labor in the Malmö court. 1957, the Swedish custom stopped a delivery of powdered egg infected with paratyphoid (salmo-nella), and even mixed with illegal ingredients. Christensen made a revenue of 500.000 SEK, due to the newspapers.

      Later 1961, the verdict was reduced to 6 month, conditional. Christensen was said twice convicted for the same crime. The delivery, was re-exported from Sweden, for a cust-omer in Amsterdam. The epidemic paratyphoid cases had increased very much, in Swe-den, post war, and powdered egg, could easily spread paratyphoid, to both bakers and consumers. (1953 , 9.000 persons in Alvesta town, became sick, 90 died.) (Hangya run one powdered egg industry, 1943., among other plants, due to their big advertisment in the Swedish press, June 13.)

      1942 June, 12, The Swedish Importassociation for eggproducts u.p.a., was founded, with the National Food supply board (Livsmedelskommissionen) : members: C. Matt-hiessen, N.H. Håkansson, Malmö, Torsten Bjurman ,Malmö,deputies, dir. R. Wallenberg (!), Stockholm, B. Strömberg, Göteborg.
      1940: HANS BÖHME: BANKRUPT :
      1940, March 7: “The Stockholm´s (rådhusrätt) court declared, bankrupt, the lawyer Hans Felix Böhme. ” Trustee lawyer mr Öhman. ” Böhme was Raoul Wallenberg´s office/ bus-inesspartner, at the Kungsgatan 30, 1938-1940/41, before the Meropa AB, from, 1941. Hans Böhme, (1898-1953), was sick in multipel scleros, from 1940, that´s true, but as a experienced lawyer and in charge of this officebuilding´s management, declared bank-rupt, 1940, without assistance,perhaps from Raoul, sounds anyway surpricing. (As Raoul unselfish supported his Jewish partners, Abernau and Philippi.) SvD/DN March 8, 1940.)
      KOLOMAN LAUER: 1899-1980:
      1941: April 6: (AB) : KSSS-ball (The Royal Sailing Society) @ the Grand Hotel, Carl Matt-hiesen, the British navyattaché (Denham). Koloman Lauer, eggexporter, one of Hungary´s wellknown great sailer. ”
      1943, April 13: (DN): interview): Koloman Lauer : “The imported eggs was handled through Lauer´s own method, of drying eggs, from 11 different Hungarian eggprod-ucers.”
      1949 , March 9: A new company, jur.d:r Koloman Lauer, the AB Laurex, export /import, shipping, food, lawyer Wilhelm Kjellström. (But AB Laurex can´t be retrieved, today.)
      1953: August 19: A new company, the Etiopiska kompaniet AB. Hugo von Rosen, Erik Björkman, Kalaman Lauer.
      1956: Februari 11: Sven Salén buys The Fruktcentralen, (fruit), Kalaman Lauer in the board, business volume 54 millions SEK.
      1959: July 4:(SvD) Koloman Lauer, 60 years: (interview): Lauer arrived to Sweden, in the beginning of the 1940s, imported 1.000 ton of egg, in conflict against the Hitler ban of re-exporting from German ports. Then the eggs was transported from the Stralsund port, in small vessels.” (Lauer regular published his birthdays, 50, 60, etc, with photo.)
      1970: June 21,(DN): Koloman Lauer, new chairman in the Meropa AB, succeeding dece-ased Wilhelm Kjellström. (In Basel)
      1980: July 19: (SvD) :Koloman Lauer died in Basel.
      1998 : March 5: Orphaned bankaccounts since the war, (SOU) One owner: * Koloman Lauer : The Netherlands, Svenska handelsbanken (SHB)
      1971 :(SvD) March 31: Julius Stein, med. doctor died March 27. Borned in Hungary, 29/12 1896, to Sweden, 1950, mourned of his wife, and sister, mrs Marika (Stein) Lauer married dr Kalaman Lauer.
      From McKay´s Excerpts : ” — These later moves had been orchestrated with the help of one of Lauer’s boyhood friends and fellow countrymen, Stefan Iván and it was partly because of his association with Iván of Skandinaviska Export och Import and Elisabeth Lundgren’s firm (Divarex) are owned by: Iván and Lauer, where it is probably Lauer who is the principal party./* Swedish secret police.

      – – – ” At the beginning of 1940, Iván’s wife who was a Swedish citizen, started up yet another new company called Divarex, which was involved in the import-export trade between Sweden on the one hand and Hungary/ Romania on the other. It is reasonable to suppose that Lauer was behind this venture as well. A year later, Divarex (1941) was bought up by the Mellaneuropeiska Trading Company, the Salén company with which both Lauer and later Raoul Wallenberg would be connected.- – -/ * Source :The Swedish secret police.
      But there existed in fact, postwar a company named the Divarex agenturf:a, 1945/46
      @ the Strindbergsgatan no.49, (Stockholm) and in the same entrance, a mr Stefan Iván, “businessman, prokurist” (holder of procuration). Mr Stefan Ivan and his company did-
      n´t then , anyway seemed too shy, obscure to have a public address, in the public tele-phone directory.

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