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Portrait of Raoul Wallenberg

    Symphonic Portrait  composed  by  Ulf  Björlin,

    text by Herb Schapiro

    Movments:   Elegi

    Allegro agotato

    Budapest 1944

    The nameless quire

    Late in the autumn

    The 17th of January 1945

    the Voices:   Raoul Wallenberg   Cliff Robertson

    Voice and the surviver           Ruth Warrick

    the narrator  and Eichman            Fritz Weaver

    The Palm Beach Quire  and  school quire

    Raoul Wallenberg Symphony Orchestra

    Conductor  the composer Ulf Björlin

    Recorded from the world premier 25/26 April 1990 Palm Beach

    recoring made by the Swedish Radio/ National Brodcasting

    presentation by Ulf Billberger,

    Swedish Radio brodcasting the 13th of August 1990 P.2.

    On the 25th of April 1990 was the world premier of The


    in the Royal Poinciana Conert Hall, Palm Beach, Fl. USA

    This is composed for an symphonic orchester, quiere, childrenquie

    and recitation. The text is written by the playwriter Herb Schapiro

    It is a composition in six movments without pause.

    The worldpremier was a great success,  documentd in the press.

    The Swedish Composer Federation  “STIM”  has the score.

    Kate Wacz, Sweden  e-mail:

    Fary Björlin  USA      e-mail:   (The composer widow

    Ulf Björlin Junior USA 

    Herb Schapiro      USA 

    2 thoughts on “Portrait of Raoul Wallenberg”

    1. Re the text above: it was derived from my 3-act play,
      That Strange Encounter of Wallenberg and Eichmann.
      The performances of the dramatic symphony were both richly
      emotional and exhilarating for a range of audiences,and for Ulf,the actors and myself.

      See>>> Palm Beach Daily News / 27 April, 1990.


    2. Thank you for your attention re a work that we always felt
      could reach all kinds of audiences; we saw it happen
      in Florida among diplomats, Palm Beach residents, students
      and families.


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