Letter from the European Parliament


Dear Mr Grunberg,

I wish to thank you for your communication of 3rd August 1992, sent by fax from the EC delegation in Israel, in which you kindly call my attentionto the 80th birthday on 6th august of the missing Raoul Wallenberg and enclose a new release for pubicity in the EC member countries to help throw new light on his case. -> More

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Somebody’s Swede

01-01-1992, by Susan Ellen Mesinai,

In May 1992, the ARK Project discovered Victor Hamilton, an American-Palestinian and former NSA cipher, in a psychiatric prison hospital 60 kilometers south of Moscow where he had been held for 20 years under a pseudonym.  A doctor had telephoned ARK anonymously, in answer to a radio appeal, to state that she had treated the patient in a closed ward in Moscow in 1962, although he ‘wasn’t really sick”.   The man we tracked had become very paranoid as a result of years of confinement, isolation and KGB interrogation.  Hamilton still considered himself well informed, as he once had been.   > More