22. Raoul Wallenbergs Destiny

Searching For Wallenberg

Wallenbergs relatives, the von Dardel family, went to great trouble to find out about his fate. The Swedish government requested that the Soviet Union release any information concerning Wallenberg. The Soviet Union released the statement, Wallenberg was in the Soviet Union and was in safety. This statement was then corrected and for a long time they claimed that this person was unknown in the Soviet Union.

Wallenbergs Assumed Death

In 1957 it was declared, Wallenberg died of a heart attack in Lubjanka in Moscow on the 17th of July 1947. Supposedly thirty-five years old. He was reported to be in good health as they captured him. A heart attack as cause for his death was unrealistic. In the years following 1945 the Swedish government made little or no efforts to find out about Wallenberg. Maybe they didn´t wish to upset the „Big Neigbhour“. The Soviet Union claimed that Wallenberg was dead. To this very day, there nothing has changed.

The Necessity Of An Explanation Regarding Wallenbergs Destiny

To this very day Russia still owes an explanation to Wallenbergs fate. As long as a single possibility exists that he is still alive, everything should be done to free him.

We owe this to Raoul Wallenberg
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