Raoul Wallenberg rehabilitated

10-11-2000 , ed. Lenta.ru

Google translation from russia:

A process for the rehabilitation of repressed by Stalin’s regime during the Second World War, the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg. On Friday told journalists at the Presidential Commission for the rehabilitation of victims of political repression.
At a Nov. 9 meeting of the commission under the chairmanship of Alexander Yakovlev decided to « positively consider the preparation of proposals for the rehabilitation of Raoul Wallenberg », RIA Novosti.

During World War II, Wallenberg worked for the Swedish Embassy in Budapest. Using diplomatic status, he saved a Nazi-occupied Hungary’s Jews, who were sent to concentration camps.

Last colleagues saw Raoul Wallenberg 17 January 1945, when he went to meet with the commander of Soviet troops, just taken in Budapest after the retreat of the Nazis.

However, the media were various reports citing witnesses, who later met Wallenberg in various camps of the Gulag.

In 1991 he established the Russian-Swedish commission of inquiry into the disappearance of Raoul Wallenberg. The Swedish side produced a report on the circumstances of the death of a diplomat.

In January 1993, the Swedish media published a copy of the order of the USSR People’s Commissar for Defense Nikolai Bulganin Commander of the Second Ukrainian Front Rodion Malinovsky, the arrest of Raoul Wallenberg and his discoveries in Moscow.

Once again, the question of the fate of Raoul Wallenberg had been raised during the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Swedish Prime Minister Goran Persson on Sept. 27, 2000 in Moscow. -> More in russia

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