Raoul Wallenberg and Swedish Humint Actions during WW2

01-09-2004 , by Göran Rydeberg

The purpose of this paper is threefold. First, it is the intention here to explain some of the Swedish HUMINT activities during WW2 and especially those related to Hungary. This first section will also include a short discussion of some aspects of Sweden’s engagement in the peace talks between Germany and its opponents.

Second, an attempt will be made to investigate whether these activities on Sweden’s part may have affected the fate of the diplomat Raoul Wallenberg in any way or whether he may perhaps, directly or indirectly, have participated in any HUMINT operations. In order to obtain a more detailed picture of his actions, some departures are made from the original intention to concentrate only on facts that could be considered to relate to his mission in Hungary during 1944-45. The reason is the presumption that his activities before that period may have been of crucial importance to his destiny.

The third and final aim is to find out how the Soviet authorities interpreted known or presumed Swedish HUMINT activities and the supposed role of Raoul Wallenberg in them. Did the Soviet Union have information that it expected to show that the Swedish diplomat had been involved in open or clandestine activities contrary to the interests of Moscow? -> More
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