Raoul Wallenberg and Mellaneuropeiska — Swedish economic “agents” in World War II

02-12-2016 , by Vadim Birstein, Susanne Berger

Raoul Wallenberg and his company fulfilled an important role in the Swedish official “Economic Defense Readiness” program (Rikskommissionen för Ekonomisk Försvarsberedskap). The fact that the Swedish military and its respective intelligence services oversaw this program may explain the claims that Wallenberg functioned as an agent of Swedish intelligence during World War II.

Many details of Raoul Wallenberg’s life, especially regarding his personal and professional background, remain unknown. Over the years, the information has been blended out by journalists, historians and researchers, as they distilled the essence of the Wallenberg story into its current, rather generalized form. Some of the lost facets of the story may not only help to explain the official handling of the case by Swedish and Russian authorities over the years, but may also provide helpful clues for the future investigation of Wallenberg’s fate.afds

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