Raoul Wallenberg and Ivan Serov’s Memoir “Notes from a Suitcase”

13-09-2016 , by Vadim Birstein , ed. http://www.vbirstein.com

An excellent article about Serov’s Memoir on the historian and scientist’s Vadim Birstein’s website:

I have … some doubts in the authenticity of this document [Ivan Serov’s memoir]. It could have been created later, and could have had no relationship to Serov. It is hard to say.
Boris Sokolov, Russian historian, interview on July 14, 2016[1]

The word “killed” has never appeared in any official documents [about Raoul Wallenberg] released from the Soviet side, according to Nikita Petrov, a historian with the Memorial organization in Moscow who specializes in the Stalinist era and Serov himself.[2]

The book [Serov’s memoir] is full of distortions and omissions of important facts.
— Gurdrun Persson, Associate Professor, Department of Slavic Languages, Stockholm University, from En bra rysk story – om vi bara kunde lita på den

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