Raoul Wallenberg and President Obama’s official visit to Sweden

03-09-2013 , by Marie Dupuy

On the occasion of U.S. President Obama’s official visit to Stockholm, Sweden on September 3, 2013, the members of Raoul Wallenberg’s immediate family gave him an open letter.

Open letter to President Obama from Raoul Wallenberg's family.

Open letter to President Obama from Raoul Wallenberg’s family.

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  1. Servus. dit :

    Of course people´s personal need of knowledge, about the fate of disappeared relatives, or gravesites, can´t be questioned. If anyone can have the U.S. president, as back-up support, then, even better, congratulations.

    But in Stockholm, Barack Obama, pressed the « Raoul-Wallenberg-button » , instead of the « re-setting » , mrs Hillary Clinton´s former Re-set-button with Russia. This seemed more of an Obama-Putin, political problem, spilling over to Sweden. Tit-for-tat-policy, Edward Snowden vs Raoul Wallenberg. How many Manning/Snowden for every Wallen-berg, what´s the rate of exchange ? Putin trying to play down Snowden´s significance, right or wrong, not to use him in political purpose, Obama and others trying to boost Wallenberg´s, as an eternal trump, typical U.S. triumphalism. Obama,(and Carl Bildt) and U.S, is perhaps not the right persons/nation to lock up, the Wallenberg case and enigma, if anyone can.

    Suddenly Russia, take the lead, in giving resident permit, for political refugees, like Snowden, and Manning,(the latter as lost as Wallenberg in the brutal, U.S. Prison-Gulag, 35 years, hard regime) , when they with all human right and plight, as Wallenberg, acting against war, murder and inhumanity, droner-justice, kz-camps, today executed by the U.S. and her Army, in Iraq, Afganistan, and in the Middle East, and dare even to ground foreign nation´s president´s aircrafts, in the hunt for Snowden.(Morales-by Austria).This is hypocritical, in its worst sense. The World Police, United Stasi of Ame-rica. Hail to the Chief.  » The emperor is naked, undressed.  » (H.C. Andersen)

    Suddenly Russia stand up for national independence, non-intervention, non-global espionage, no foreign bases, and the UN-charta. How could United States, so often
    ending up in, breaking the international law, triggering their own personnel to deno-unce them ? U.S. as the typical Hollywood trigger-happy out-law ?

    The problem for Obama, is in fact that he is as abandoned as Wallenberg, or more, but Obama´s loneliness, quite justified, when we´we just seen a military coup´d etat in Egypt, with 1.000 of civil victims, gunned down (with U.S. weapons) in the open street.

    This show, arranged by U.S. and the servile Swedish government, Reinfeldt & Bildt, is just disgusting. Who supporting U.S. today ? : Small  » aircraftcarriers », as Sweden and Israel, it seems. Obama began his pressconference with the word :  » Hej  » ! « Sorry , but
    I´ve just exhausted my Swedish, by that !  » – Funny ? Not at all ! So much knowledge Swedes usually have of the U.S., and here we must be satiesfied with – not even, scraps, from the president´s table, silly macho « ha-ha », jokes, feeding nervous masochist rep-orters, and hipsters, worse than a ignorant popstar, on tour, only ranting in 15 -minutes chunks, American rhetorical speech, hopeless outdated in Europe, since centuries, or since :  » Ich bin ein Berliner !  » (A German sausage.)

    That´s how superpowers handle, their neighbors. Choose : instrumental, or neglected. Ain´t better than when the Russians handed over , at last, at least, Raoul Wallenbergs belongings, and deathcertificate, but no real explanation, of his abduction, and fate, in Soviet captivity.

    To Obama : « Hej då !  » That´s Swedish, meaning as:  » Nice to meet you, but don´t you come back, « comeback-kid. » We have a serious job to do here, buzy – concerning some missing people, even Raoul Wallenberg.

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