Other Swedes in the Gulag complicate Raoul Wallenberg search

22-08-2012 , by Susanne Berger , ed. The Local

Possibilities of unknown Swedes and Raoul Wallenberg in Vladimir prison and throughout the Soviet Gulag. By removing a major element of confusion, proper identification of three unknown “Swedish” Red Cross officials would undoubtedly help to move the search for Raoul Wallenberg a big step forward.

In October 1956, in his first interview with Swedish officials after his release from Vladimir prison, Austrian citizen Otto Schöggel stated that while in Vladimir in the spring of 1955, he had briefly spent time with a Swedish prisoner.

Makinen and Kaplan, together with Raoul Wallenberg expert Susan Mesinai, are currently investigating the statements of several other former prisoners who say they met a Swedish prisoner in Vladimir, accused of espionage, in the years 1955 -1970.

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