Former Red partisans admitted that arrested Raoul Wallenberg

21-10-2000 , ed.

Google translation from russia:

In Ukraine, there was a man who personally arrested the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, NTV reports.
Former guerrilla Bogdan Tarnavsky, a detachment which came to Hungary from Slovakia, near Budapest detained a stranger for the fact that in the hands of the army was an unusual bowler shape. During the search he found the Swedish and Belgian passports for same surname – Wallenberg.
Bogdan S. said that he was the last person seen Wallenberg in the wild, and personally handed it over to Soviet intelligence. In 1945, he signed non-disclosure and remained silent for 55 years.
Partizan did not suspect that they arrested a man rescued from the Nazis tens of thousands of people. According to the recollections of eyewitnesses of events, Raoul Wallenberg managed disembarrass Jews even from the trains on their way to camp. He gave them Swedish passports, hiding them in the imaginary Swedish missions, bribed and intimidated the occupation authorities. Wallenberg disappeared in the area of Budapest in 1945.
In the memoirs of Pavel Sudoplatov was evidence that Wallenberg was arrested on the personal orders of Bulganin and killed on the orders of Molotov in 1947. He introduced a lethal injection in the laboratory of poisons MGB in Moscow, in Varsonafevskom lane. Wallenberg’s body was burned in the crematorium Donskoy Monastery. Many years after this request relatives and zhurnalistvo about the fate of Wallenberg went unanswered. -> More in russia
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