Raoul Wallenberg is still missing

26-08-2013 , by Eduardo Eurnekian and Baruch Tenembaum , ed. Jerusalem Post
The fact that Wallenberg’s fate is still shrouded in mystery is the direct responsibility of the Russian authorities.

Sweden has instituted an official Raoul Wallenberg Day, which will be commemorated every August 27, starting this year.

To be sure, this is an important event which does justice, albeit somewhat late, to Wallenberg’s legacy. Moreover, the commemoration has a strong educational dimension as this year it will start with a Foreign Ministry seminar on the limits and possibilities of diplomacy for an audience of young diplomats, and will also include the dispatch of educational boxes with material on Raoul Wallenberg, the Holocaust and xenophobia to Swedish schools that will have to report on the ensuing activities created by this initiative.

In 2012, coinciding with the 100th birthday of the Swedish hero, the Swedish government created a special entity, led by Olle Wastberg, which coordinated all the commemorative events worldwide. The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation had the honor and privilege to cooperate with this organization in several activities.


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  1. Servus. dit :

    Raoul WALLENBERG 1945: « – I don´t know if I´m their guest or prisoner ?  » This text, gives me (!) a similar impression, « Should I stay or should I go, laugh or cry ? One of the worlds richest, men, mr Eduardo EURNEKIAN, with Armenian immigrantparents, (per-haps with background in the Turkish genocide, 1916-20), and mr Baruch TENEMBAUM, Argentine Jew, borned in the 1930s. Mr Eurnekian, is even a collector of big profitable airports, to manage, and will now take on, the Swedish main airport – The Arlanda, he will re-name : The Raoul Wallenberg´s airport.

    Perhaps the Swedish people will influence, such a decision, perhaps the murdered Prime Swedish minister Olof Palme, (1927-1986), could be an alternative, as an internation-alist, against the horrible Vietnam war, conducted by U.S.A, 1965- 1975, what they too lose, (thanks to the Russians) and changed the course of history. As there even is now new times in Latinamerica. What even Palme took part of, saving Chilean refugees, 11.9. 1973, (into the Swedish legation, Amb. H.Edelstam) the Pinochet, coup´d´etat, Chile, a historical event very similar to the Arrow Cross traitors, German collaborators in Buda-pest, just 30 years earlier, October 1944. What a terrible repetition.

    Then in Santiago, 73´ orchestrated by the former German Jewish(!) refugee, U.S. For-eign minister Henry Kissinger and CIA. Palme´s signature is missing, the absent 3rd primeminister and the only one if so, of of lasting value, in the Arlanda-petition.

    Palme,killed, by what most Swedes think, in some conspiracy, ending up in the CIA-office, as for many of the young revolutionary idealistic victims, in Latin-America´s, dirty wars, were murdered by advices from those German arch-nazis, and the CIA, in cooperation with the South American military establishment, a Pinochet, Galtieri, Videla, Somoza, Batista, close connected with the United States, you name them…

    Most people thinking of Argentine, as some safehaven for the worst Holocust perpe-trators, post 1945, not possible integrating in the US/UK secret services, not even there, Mengele, Eichmann, and other beasts. (about some 300 heavy burdened persons).

    The Juan Peron, pro-German dictatorship,(german helmets) those 30.000 disappeared young Argentines, by deathsquads during the 1970s, General Videlas dirty war, is not yet fully investigated, and retrieved. And the Catholic Vatican state, the Pope, held a very low profile during the Holocaust, and was later the most devoted, in smuggling war-criminals out from Europe, from 1945, as the Croatian, Ante Pavelic.

    Of course Argentine has much to conceal, but then taking the lead in the Wallenberg-search, it doesn´t seem credible. – – – » Poor RAOUL, did you know that when the Israeli Mossad secret service, kidnapped your worst enemy in Budapest, 1944, the SS-hangman Adolf EICHMANN, in Buenos Aires, 1960,for a trial in Israel, the Argentine UN-ambass-ador, mr Mario AMADEO, asked the United Nation (UN), 21st of June, to condemn Israel , and got support from the Western powers, U.S., and Britain, in the Security Council. « – –
    So the times they are A-changing…

    What saved Israel, then was that the Soviet Union and Poland, acted/voting, to block the resolution. (Mr Amadeo even collaborated with Himmlers Sicherheitsdienst/RSHA/ SD /SS, during the war /Source : The real ODESSA: How Peron brought the Nazi war crim-inals to Argentina/ Uki GONI, (2002/ Granta books/London/ (son of an Argentine dip-lomat in U.S.)

    (But… Al right, for the RAOUL MAC/WALLENBERG Airport, « It´s´ not a big deal ! » I take next flight to Buenos Aires, if I will land, safe and sound at: the DR ERNESTO  » CHE » GUEVARA Airport, a bust is not enough. He was an Argentine doctor, (b.28), and a rev-olutionary, even he murdered by the U.S. CIA-agents, in cold blood, in Latin America, twenty years after Wallenberg, 1967. CHE, must have been the real successor of Raoul, as activistic hero as he. (Perhaps: the RAOUL /CASTRO airport ? )

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