January 17th, light your candles in memory of Raoul Wallenberg!

09-01-2015 , by Marie Dupuy

When Raoul Wallenberg arrived in Hungary, he met darkness and persecuted Jews. He gave light and hope to the Jews of Budapest by finding ways to protect them.  

70 years ago have passed since Raoul Wallenberg disappeared. He faced darkness the day he was kidnapped by Stalin’s regime.

In Soviet prisons, he had to fight the devil, while the world had found peace. But his nearest family and his friends could not live in peace until Raoul had come back home.

May this day be a day of remembrance for Raoul Wallenberg and his driver,Vilmos Langfelder, who unwillingly left the light.

January 17th will be the day, while outside the cold dark winter looms, lighted candles at the window will remind us of Raoul’s love for humanity – he showed us that love is stronger then hatred.

May it be the day where crimes committed against the innocent  will be condemned, so that  broken families  never have to face that pain again.


Marie Dupuy,
daughter to Raoul Wallenberg’s brother Guy von Dardel

2 Responses to “January 17th, light your candles in memory of Raoul Wallenberg!”

  1. Diane Blake dit :

    I will light candles. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. max grunberg dit :

    Dear Mrs. Dupuy

    Thank you for sharing your feelings with all other Wallenberg supporters around the world and your suggestion for lighting candles.

    Your last words “that broken families never have to face that pain again” touched my heart.

    We will never know what Raoul felt, when he was left alone by the worldwide leadership of the Jewish people at that time and later on, especially, when the State of Israel was established.

    Although the President of Israel, Mr. Rivlin, personally met in the past with the author of the above article and her sister Ms. Louise von Dardel, so far President Rivlin has not been able to review an application to honor Raoul Wallenberg with the Israeli Presidential Medal of Distinction. This is another painful experience for Raoul’s family.

    As a citizen of the State of Israel, I feel a deep hurt, that we “the Jewish People, have not done enough to clarify Raoul’s fate.

    If you happen to be a lawstudent or a lawyer and you are able to help in legal proceedings in order to try to clarify Raoul’s fate, please be so kind to contact me, at max@maxgrunberg.com

    Thank you,
    Max Grunberg
    Raoul Wallenberg Honorary Citizen Committee Israel

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