Documents on Raoul Wallenberg made public

12-01-2001 , by Regeringskansliet

The Shelves of documents, amounting to some six metres in total length, concerning Raoul Wallenberg will be made public in accordance with a decision by the Government on Thursday.

About 60 000 pages dating from 1971 are being made public today in connection with the presentation of the reports of the Russian–Swedish inquiry about Raoul Wallenberg, which has been in progress since 1991.

The material shows how the Swedish Government and the Foreign Service have tried to follow up every imaginable trace and suggestion over the years. The information that is still coming in shows clearly that the matter is still of current interest.

The documents are accessible in the archives of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs for researchers, journalists and others interested.

A very small number of documents are still classified, in accordance with Chapter 2 Section 1 of the Secrecy Act (1980:100).


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